Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Living the Dream Comes with the Occasional Nightmare

This bargain 5th wheel trailer (1992) came with its problems. I've had to put a ton of sweat equity into making it functional. But it's home and the little old motorhome (1994)  had to be quickly sold to make it happen. I forgot to think my way through future transportation needs but I have my bicycle and eternal optimism. After a great deal of hassle my driver license was transferred to this state, so I am good to drive another 10 years.

Angles have helped me along. I am super duper uber grateful. I don't know how or why earthly and heavenly angels appear, I just believe in plowing forward with my chaos. I don't have time to waste away on the couch when it's a beautiful day to get moving, no matter how painful, just get on with life and both big and  little miracles seem to happen. 


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

There are days I am fed up with my body, the alternative treatments, this old trailer, my hyperactive dog and technology that no longer speeds up my life but rather hampers it. So I am eliminating a good bit of technology because I can't "do the time" it takes now to accomplish simple things that have become super complex because some hotshot programmer has decided to keep folks "engaged longer" on technology in order to brainwash them into mass consumerism and chronic update, upgrade, latest and greatest technology that often comes with far more bugs and problems than old standbys which are rapidly disabled and eliminated because they were too efficient. They saved time, saved paper and now the new norm is waste time, waste paper, take simple chores and make them complex. I am trying to escape and eliminate. I just do NOT want to be a slave to that sort of lifestyle. Others do enjoy that, and that is fine, but I am fed up with it. 

When do those folks find time to ponder a flower, ride a bike, or walk an enthusiastic 8 year old hopelessly eternal puppy?

Enough whining.

I slam on the brakes, put away the pity pot, plaster a smile on my face and rejoice. I WOKE UP  ALIVE! 

Today is a magical gift, so get on with making it a great day and try to help someone else have a fabulous day too.  Whether small or large, I tell myself to find time to do an anonymous good deed every day. Not easy, but whether it's one minute or an hour, it's worth it for the good of the soul, the good of mankind, the good of mother earth.

Certain things pile up around me and most are related to maniac big corporations that seek to turn my meager life inside out upside down and bury me with complicated excessive paperwork and this ridiculous need to document everything, turn simple tasks into complex ones. So I am pulling the plug and refusing to play their game and instead trading the hassle for peace of mind. Pull the plug.

Six people have already died this year in this small RV park. We are an over 55 park and some folks have been here a very long time savoring their independence. Even when they get sick, many have steadfastly chosen to remain in their tiny homes rather than move to assisted living or nursing homes. We currently have several residents in their 90's, some living very active lives, others quietly savoring their fierce choice of independence to the very end.

There are only about 140 spots here with about two thirds belonging to owners. Many of those owners are only here to visit or spend winters while a handful of others live here year round. 

I've discovered the joys of tiny home living and find that my unique lifestyle and need for adaptive aids, is better suited to RV living than other choices within my shrinking budget. As costs go up on certain things, I find more ways to slice and dice. Just eliminate. Learn to savor what I do have and not want more. Just learn to have a lot less and be happy about that.

No more whining, just smile and be grateful, that I was one of the lucky ones that woke up alive today!

This is a pic of my 1992 trailer, after 7 months of sweat equity. It still has some quirks and problems, but its slowly coming along. In the future, I hope to write about some of the wild projects I've done to make it functional. 

I am blessed. 


1992 Holiday Rambler Imperial Fifth Wheel Estate 36 feet, 2 slides
A very rare find in this day and age
This particular model was only built to order with loads of options available 
Holiday Rambler has been bought and sold a few times and sadly no longer produces fifth wheel trailers.


  1. It is strange that a place that looks so inviting can have so many "booby traps."

    I'm glad to hear you are making some progress and hope you are able to do all the finishing touches that are needed.

    I am comforted you are not careening around the roads in your very old motor home which was slowly falling apart. The roads these days are a dangerous place to be.

  2. By 'pulling the plug' are you ending this blog? Been reading it for years but ya gotta do what ya gotta do right? God bless and I hope you recover from whatever ailment you have.


Life is goof!