Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Doo-Doo List

A dog's life is never done.

My pet parent was exhausted. She said "I am going to take a nap, you be a good little doggy."

Well, poor thing she looks kind of ruff, so while she naps on the sofa, I might as well knock out her TO DO list she left on the table. She was mumbling that it was too long, too much and she was too tired. If I do it all for her, then she will have more time for me! We can go for long walks, do pee-mail,  play frisbee, play ball, we can ride the bicycle, we can play with all my toys. Oh joy! Yes, I willbe a good little doggy while she naps.

Her handwriting is a bit messy. I wonder if she meant the DOO-DOO list? I am good at doo-doo, so good at doo-doo that every time I go outside to doo-doo, she says GOOD DOGGY! So this should be a snap.

First item says PAY BILLS. Hmm, she probably meant PLAY BALLS. I am good at playing with bouncy balls, so yes, I can do that one. I like to climb up the steps to the bedroom then drop my rubber ball and it bounces down the steps and through the hallway for me to retrieve. Oh this is fun! Check it off as done.

Next on the list is FOLD LAUNDRY.  Gosh, I am great at folding laundry. I love to sit on the entire clean pile until it flattens down folded. First I have to walk all over the clean laundry in a circle going round and round many times so that it flattens down better. Then I plop down and lay on it. Every few minutes I get up and walk round and round on it some more, then lay on it again. It may take awhile, but eventually I get it flat, folded and stacked. As a bonus,  it smells nice too when I am done. She will be so happy cause it will smell fresh, just like EAU DE PAW-FUN.  So check that off as done.

Third item is vacuum. Well that is easy enough. We have this iRobot named Ronda Roomba. I just push the big round button and Ronda starts zipping around, sucking up dirt.

Fourth item is WASH DISHES. That is so easy peasy! I licked all those dishes with my tongue in under 10 minutes. Honest to goodness, she is going to be thrilled when she sees I've done all the dishes plus the pots and pans too!

Next on the list is EMPTY GARBAGE CAN. Well, I can knock that over and empty it for her. Mark that DONE (and it only took me 5 seconds!) Now the garbage can is empty and there is a pile on the floor.

Ronda Roomba is pushing the pile around.

Oh never mind, next on the list is DECLUTTER. I wasn't sure what that meant, but now that I've emptied the garbage and made clutter, I see Ronda Roomba is pushing all that garbage clutter under the couch. Looks pretty nice to me! I wonder why she doesn't use that couch storage more often? Plenty of room under there to hide a lot of stuff. Oh boy is she going to be so HAPPY with me!

Let's see, the next item on the list is wash windows. Another job for my tongue! Hey this doo-doo list is getting to be quite entertaining. If I slobber enough, the window washing goes much faster. Whee!

OK, that's crossed off,  let me check the list again. It says SHRED PAPERS. I know she hates paperwork and the mailman just dropped off a big stack of envelopes stuffed with papers. She likes to open them and growl and groan. I can rip them all open with my teeth, then shred it all into tiny itty bitty pieces AND growl at them just like she does when she opens them. Won't she be so proud of me! Ronda Roomba is vacuuming up all the little shredded bits of paper and pushing some of the ones she spits back out under the couch. Wow, we sure are getting a lot done today.

Back to the list, it reads WATER PLANTS. Well, I can just lift a leg here and there and call that a done deal. A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there, now all the plants have water.

Checking the list again, she has written CHANGE BED. Um, OK. Let's see, I can drag the covers off the bed. Let me jump up and down on the pillows and waddle my butt across them.  It sure looks different without the covers in the way and the pillows are unique looking now. I guess that is what she meant by change bed.

No idea why she thought this list was long and hard. I have done it ALL for her. See? She said "Be a good doggy while I nap" and she is going to LOVE me  when she wakes up and sees what a great big help a little doggy can be. 

Maybe I will do an extra chore for her! I will give her a doggy kiss and clean her teeth while she snores away.

She is the luckiest pet parent in the world. She has ME to do her doo-doo list.

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  1. My first time here and I so enjoyed this post. Laughed all the way. I'll be back. Yep! Good Doggies are good to have around to help us, aren't they?


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