Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Messy Life

We survived Friday the 13th. Kept a real low profile too.

Everybody should buy some rat and mouse poison and hide it unopened where children and pets can't get to it. Ditto for bug bait too. The rodents will find it and happily rip it open and die.

I never smelled a thing.

But I found my toilet paper torn up. A brand new roll in the cabinet had been gnawed at.


I don't have a playful kitty (though I so wish I did!)

A thorough search of my motorhome in all the weird places turned up a flat dead mouse. Why did I never smell this?

I also found one of the packs of hidden poison had been torn open. A ton of research later, I learned that a mouse needs a space the size of your finger to enter your home or wheel estate. When they are hot or cold or hungry, they will do anything to sneak into your abode.

That lead to me doing some serious vacuuming in very hard to reach places. I also alternated with soapy damp microfiber cloths that picked up dirt that I couldn't reach with my tiny vacuum cleaner.

And all that cleaning made me sick.


What's even more embarrassing, I thought my motorhome was rather clean before this crazy rampage. I keep my food super sealed.  My days on leaky boats and salty aired islands taught me that. But apparently those hard to reach places underneath drawers and the backside of the hot water heater, are just empty lonely places that somehow turn into mega dust magnets.

I thought I was going to cough myself to death. Then I thought I was going to hurl up my innards. Then I became hot, then cold, then confused. Doggy and I have been in and out of bed in a collapsed state of disrepair.

I've hooked up the germ killer, used Ozium spray, hooked up negative ion chargers and so on in an attempt to sterilize everything. I've even donned rubber gloves and scrubbed with vinegar and bleach. Not mixed together, but both kill germs and mold in different ways.

Even the dog was hacking and coughing some. Gee wiz.

I emptied out the bed, washed all that in super hot water too. I beat the pillows, then vacuumed them. I ran over all the furniture with the vacuum, something I do pretty often anyhow.

But it seems I was either living in the broom closet where I keep the toilet or languishing in bed praying for a miracle.

Maybe I am allergic to housekeeping.

Life is messy. 


  1. it is amazing how easy they can get into all those places. for years now we have been keeping bags of rat poison in strategic places around the motorhomeand now we never have that problem anymore.

  2. So far, they only play on the outside of my RV...but I'd rather they all just go away! I check under my hood often to be sure they aren't playing under there either...ick.


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