Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Harley Graduates

Harley dog graduated from puppy school tonight. At the age of three and a half years old.

It was a miracle!

Class was skipped for a week due to the holiday, so Harley was shocked to see the other puppy was quite larger.

Harley is such a cut up in class.  He had a very hard time completing his final exams because he wanted to play with me, caper with the other puppy, romp with the teacher,  flirt with the spectators behind the glass partition, commune with the other pet parents landing in their lap after taking one of his famous flying leaps giving them sloppy kisses and seeming oblivious to anything but spreading cheer.

Look at me!  Look at me!

The other dog has grown in leaps and bounds. He sat there nice and neat, wearing his graduation cap.  He looks perfect in his picture.  Hat on top of his head, calmly sitting in his owner's lap, looking at the camera.

This puppy learned to sit motionless for his beautiful graduation picture.

But Harley didn't want to sit and pose for his picture. No matter how many times we put his cap neatly on his head, he would push it over to the side. He was so thrilled to graduate, he danced around the room with his cap cockeyed looking goofy as a clown in the circus. The hapless teacher was chasing him around trying to snap his picture and we ended up with blurry dog.  I grabbed him up for a posed picture, but he was wiggly not wanting to sit and pose. So I grabbed him quickly while the teacher tried to snap a motionless picture. Even the best one is obscure.

Harley's graduation picture is blurry with his cap rakishly perched on the side of his head. 

Harley just has boundless enthusiasm. He wants to be a meeter greeter or a circus clown or an entertainer or a magician or a dancer when he grows up. For now he is a wild child, comedian and volunteer Bark Ranger. He shows no sign of wishing to grow up at all. An endless puppy.

When it's just him and I, he is sometimes calm like I am boring him. Other times he gets wildly excited pestering me to play with him. Get him around other people or dogs and he springs to life at 99 miles an hour searching for the spotlight.

He surely made the whole day worthwhile. I've had a really rough time but not going to waste time complaining.

I am just super happy to be alive, goofy dog an all.  


  1. Huh- "no child left behind" is alive and well Monkey! Congrats little man. Now go out and and see if momma remembers all the things you were supposed to learn :))

    The Troutman

  2. Congrats. I have 3 rascals like him and I hope poop training was passed with flying colors (not brown). My 3 10 lb'ders still make their mistakes, but I still love them. Have a great evening.
    I hate using this communication system. Do you have an E-Mail address?
    I am in Edgewater, Fl. Jeffrey Turner


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