Saturday, September 07, 2013

September 7 2013

Life on the lake is just gorgeous. Another lovely day in paradise.

Before it gets too cold, it will be time to pack up the circus, load up the wheel estate sailing this carnival down the highways and byways to parts unknown in search of a new utopia.

When I think I am going a little crazy in my diminutive semi-ancient motorhome, the thought of seeing more of this planet earth in far flung parts is the carrot on a stick to perk me right up.

Dreams are good to have. Both dreams for my future and those that occupy down time, like sleep dreams.

Lately my sleeping dreams have taken me far and wide with interesting characters. Folks I hope to meet in person one day. It's mind boggling to fall asleep, dreaming about people I've never met in places I've never been. Sometimes the intricate detail in the dreams makes me think I am living another life in another place and that's why I am so exhausted much of the time.

The Bark Ranger and I are leaving this park in far better shape than we found it. A little ray of sunshine for others to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Perhaps the Bark Ranger left his mark in a slightly different way.

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