Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Angels Whispering

Angels whispering in my ear.

Yesterday I was enjoying the final use of the borrowed car (which I must return this week.)

I had made my two stops and was now headed home. On the final leg, I cross 3 bridges over lake waters before turning into my lakeside park where I volunteer workamp in my little old motorhome.

As I was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store, I heard that unseen little voice whisper in my ear.

"Wait. Don't go home just yet."

I felt impending doom and gloom. I had no idea why I suddenly felt this way at all. Something took my breath away as if I was drowning and I tried to push the frightening thought out of my silly head while gasping for air.

Is this it?

One beautiful day you just don't make it home alive?

I got back out of the car, taking Harley dog for a jaunt around the parking lot, looking for the tiny bits of landscaping for him to sniff over. I wanted to clear my head of these horrific feelings. I felt breathless, dizzy, I felt ill, I was confused. I hoped slowly walking the dog would ease my fears.

If I dropped dead, maybe a good Samaritan would rescue my pooch.

That few minutes of canine frivolity might have saved my life and his though eventually it also consumed 40 miles and over an hour of time trying to get home.

But I made it ALIVE and I have the angels to thank for this. I have no idea why I was spared but I am mighty thankful to wake up alive and be able to write today.

I was only 4.5 miles from home with three bridges to cross over water. While waiting to exit the parking lot, a screaming fire truck raced down the highway with police and ambulance hot on their trail with sirens wailing, horns blaring.

After they passed, I pulled out onto the highway to go home. They were going the same direction but were now miles ahead of me. Suddenly more cop cars, firetrucks and another ambulance raced through the traffic while I pulled over to the grassy side while they passed. My camera couldn't snap the picture fast enough of the curious sight of an ambulance speeding by with a boat in tow.

That's a first for me, seeing an ambulance hot in pursuit while towing a boat. But we have big lakes around here, so it makes sense that one (or more?) of the ambulances are outfitted with a boat.

As I neared the first bridge on my short journey, a Sheriff had the road blocked motioning for people to turn around or make a forced right turn into suburbia. Interesting enough a left turn would have dead ended at the only bar in this neck of the woods.

When I lived in the Caribbean, it was common to hang out in the open air bars when traffic or weather was bad. But this isn't the Caribbean and I didn't want to hang out at a bar waiting for the bridges to re-open. I wanted to go home.

Beyond the Sheriff blocking the the bridge in the distance were flashing lights from the firetrucks, ambulances and numerous police and sheriff vehicles. I think every official in the county was parked on that bridge. While waiting for the traffic snarl to clear, more cars, trucks and ambulances arrived on the scene.

The only way to get home now was by a super lengthy detour that ate up over an hour and 40 miles. There just wasn't a shorter route to choose from.

After getting home, I searched the news, which I usually try to avoid, but of course I was curious. What happened on the bridge?

In the minutes the unseen angels held me up at the parking lot, a horrific wreck occurred on the first bridge ultimately landing an 18 wheel tractor trailer in the lake with 2 people trapped inside under water.

Both were removed alive, but tragically the driver died later at the hospital. The details of the wreck are still sketchy but I suppose eventually more on the story will come forth. I read this morning the bridge is being repaired for reopening.

My heart goes out to the victim and their loved ones. For some strange reason I feel so guilty and deeply sad. We just never know when *POOF* our time is up or how it will end.

Anytime the lake claims another victim, I feel horrible, like there was something I would of... could of... should of... done.

View from the bridge at sunset.

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