Sunday, September 08, 2013

SOS We're Sinking

The bad thing about buying an old used motorhome is that it looks lived in. 

The nice thing about owning an old used motorhome is that it looks lived in.

Today I was going to wash down the cab area, the dash, the front and side windows, the windshield and the engine hood. I felt so guilty that I've spent so much time trying to get well. I am just wore out exhausted. Even today, I had to take two naps. But hey, it beats dealing with waiting rooms, doctors and drug stores.

So after the second nap, I raced around multi-tasking out of sheer guilt.

Huge mistake.

Somehow I missed a critical task along the way which multi-massed into a daytime nightmare.

We're sinking!

Man the pumps, grab the life jackets, find the emergency abandon ship kit. Put out a Mayday. Pray for miracles and angels.

I had the washer going with the bath rug in it. I was outside filling up the water tank, plus washing the windows. Periodically, I would remove the hose from the water tank, to rinse the soapy dirt out of my microfiber rag.

I resumed washing the dash, while the water tank went back to filling up. The washer was humming, the water tank was swooshing, I rinsed my rags some more, because the doggy juice on the windows was thicker than I thought.

Outside I closed the doors, then rinsed off the front of the motorhome. Next I began on the windows up there. I put the hose back in the water tank to fill it some more.

Orange dirt from the Saharan Dust  seemed to be everywhere. The sudsy microfiber wash rag was pretty dirty by now and the drying rag, fairly wet.

I went around the motorhome to go inside for more microfiber cleaning cloths.

Imagine my horror when I saw an exotic waterfall coming down my steps at the front door.

Sorry there's no pics to show you, but I was busier than a flea circus at the dog pound.

Racing inside I was slipping and sliding trying to find the source of the water while grabbing the broom to try to sweep it outside. It was like fording a small river.

In a sinking sailboat, it's so much simpler, you just turn on the bilge pumps to empty out the accumulating water while begging for mercy.

Then I saw the problem. I had failed to hook up the drain hose for the washer.

Oh my gosh. I don't need this foolishness.

The washer cleaned the bath mats, dumping the dirty water on the floor while I was busy outside on the other side of the motorhome with all that other water, washing and so forth.

The washer happily moved onto the next cycle to rinse the rugs, then it splattered all the rinse water on the floor.

I guess you could say my floors got  a thorough cleaning.

It took me hours to mop up most of the mess. As I type this I am yawning with all fans blowing every where to dry anything and everything before the mold even thinks about forming.

But my floors sure are clean!


  1. Oh what a time you must have had! At least you can see the good in that your floors are clean. I hope everything dries quickly and completely.

  2. Did Monkey remember what he learned in his swimming lessons?:) Maybe a checklist is in order to offset the dormant brain cells? Glad I have never forgotten anything :)

    Give the little beast a hug for me.

    The Troutman

  3. Years ago, I had a little "portable" dishwasher. You'd roll it up to the sink, snap it on to a fitting on the faucet, and plug it in. Then it would take in water as it needed it -- and pump it back out through a hose right below the intake.

    One evening, I came back out to the kitchen and found the "snap-on" had "snapped-off" mid-cycle, and the dishwasher had happily pumped all the water back out across the counters, the floor, and across the kitchen. As a bachelor, I'd NEVER had cleaner floors.

    I mad sure to attach the device incorrectly at least once each month from then on.


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