Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Drawer Comedy

Some days you just have to wake up, smell the roses and pray for the best. It's a beautiful day here today.

I woke up alive. That completed my bucket list for the day. Wheee!

I've decided my life is just one big comedy. I just need to keep laughing about it too. The more laughter the better.

I have a friend who gets mad at me for laughing. Anytime I am happy they are unhappy. Why do I keep this person around as a friend?  I have no idea. Maybe it's to remind me not to end up a grump.

The great big drawer is broken again. Not only broken, but jammed too. I can't get a thing out of it. It opens about a half inch, just to mock me. Not enough to stick my little hand inside.

For days now, I have been laughing at the drawer.  It holds over half my galley hostage. Just little incidentals like bowls, plates, mugs, cups, cooking utensils, a few pots and pans.

So I laugh.

And eat like a hobo.

Every few hours I test my strength against the drawer. It's like an arm wrestling contest. So far the drawer wins every time.

This is the great big drawer beneath my refrigerator. In most RV's they place the refrigerator above a cabinet or drawer. This is so it gives the illusion of having a large tall refrigerator because the fridge and freezer are eye level, more or less. If they put the fridge on the floor, you would notice how short it is, and you'd be stooping down to retrieve things.

The prior owners let the fridge leak all over the drawer and cabinet facing, so that is why it's not so pretty. All the cabinetry in the RV is in excellent shape save for this great big drawer.

My refrigerator is not frost free, so the water has to drain out somewhere. It's a propane powered fridge that optionally works on electricity. It's an absorption fridge.  Those are different than house type fridges.

I tried to repair the leak numerous times. Last winter, I met a repairman who finally found the exact problem and repaired it. The fridge has not leaked a drop since, except when I get sloppy and klutz it up. Now the refrigerator drains outside, like it was intended to. So that is one problem finally fixed up right.

The drawer has been repaired at least 7 times in 3 years by 5 different people (me included). I guess *sigh*  no one can seem to get it right. At least not for long.

It's a HUGE drawer and I need it for galley stuff.  My RV does not have a lot of storage. Not near as much storage as my sailboat had. RV manufacturers like to waste a lot of space with dead air,  that could be useful storage. Sailboat designers tend to utilize every square inch of usable space.

So even if I get mad and just bust out the jammed drawer wrecking the cabinetry around it, where will I put all the stuff that is in the drawer?

This is an RV. The refrigerator is built-in and can't be moved without a herculean effort that is nothing like moving a household type fridge. The working parts of the fridge are separate, so you have to disassemble the fridge to remove it. No thanks. That's like removing your car engine so you can unjam the glove compartment.

Meanwhile I am drinking my coffee out of a used tin can. Thankfully the coffee pot is built-in, so at least I can make coffee.  I have to wrap a towel around the tin can so I don't get burned from the hot coffee.

Is this comical or what?

I have soup in a box. It's a long life dated box that is sealed without air but lined with foil on the inside. The soup is made without chemical preservatives, so they have to use this method to keep it fresh. Because of the foil I can't microwave the soup in the box.  The pot or bowl to heat it in, is well, held hostage for ransom.

In the drawer.

Meanwhile I cut the top off, eating the soup straight out of the box at room temperature. It was wonderfully delicious.

Staring at the drawer holding my galley hostage, I shake my empty soup box and tin can at it laughing long and hard.

I tell the drawer "You won't defeat me! I can live like a hobo without you!"

Life goes on.  I'm on day 3 of laughing at the drawer and mocking it.


Am I really talking to a drawer now?

Well, I am going to take doggy outside for a walk. When we come back, I am going to laugh at that drawer some more. Then have another arm wrestle with it.

My life is one big comedy and I am the reluctant star!


  1. Haha! Once again you have made my day brighter and my problems pale compared to yours.

    Pull it out as much as you can then push it in a tiny bit. Jiggle it up and down vigorously to dislodge whatever is holding it from opening - then don't cram it quite so full!

  2. Do you have a hammer ?Just wack it till its pushed in on each end then try to open. Do you have a crowbar? My advise is to wack it then open with crowbar ?Always works for me. Good Luck..lol If that doesn't work rub it with bacon and Harley will chew it open.


Life is goof!