Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harley's Twin

I found this picture on another blog:

It's what Harley might look like if he wasn't so ugly. This must be his handsome twin! I repeat, that is NOT Harley.

Here is little Harley below:

This picture was taken when Harley was about 9 months old. I picked it because the stance and smile are so similar to the above pic.

Here is a more recent one of Harley, now that he has sprouted out some fur finally.

Harley was semi-groomed by a professional yesterday. He had snarls and mats that appeared when I was sickly and unable to brush him enough. I had tried everything to no avail.

Yesterday I saw an OPEN sign at a doggy daycare and boarding place that also had a NEW GROOMER sign up. Harley has never been to a groomer.

We went aside smiling and wagging our tails. I asked if by any chance they could clip out his matted fur. The friendly lady said "Here, put him on the counter, you hold him, I will comb them out."

In a few minutes time of some very difficult work, she had all his snarls, tangles and mats gone without any serious cutting at all. She worked with these magical tools that Harley wasn't overly fond of but tolerated.

At one point he snapped at her, so I gently grabbed his muzzle, soothing him by whispering pleasantries in his ear while she finished the worst area. When all was said and done, she asked for a very reasonable small fee, so I added a tip and paid her in cash.

Harley strutted around like he was Miss America with the coveted tiara.

Miss South Carolina startled the audience at the recent Miss America pageant by announcing “I'm from the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile because that's how we roll, I'm Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina.”

It's a hilarious statement that is sure to snap up the news media's attention. Being that I am a native of South Carolina and I love our abundance of gorgeous state parks that tend to be on rivers, lakes and beaches, I find it rather ironic that she couldn't paint a prettier picture of her home state.

In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau recorded 17.9% of the state’s residents living in mobile homes, making it No. 1 in the country.

If we are to believe those kinds of things.

I think the manufactured housing industry should hire her as a spokesperson to promote their product.


  1. I once had a dog that was a weird combination of doggie genes and she took the cake for being a not so beautiful pet. Harley looks just fine, and I'm glad he got his fur all combed out nicely.

  2. He is the most gorgeous dog, ever. Well -- except for three pugs I know...


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