Thursday, September 05, 2013

Drawer Comedy Solved

Drawer Comedy...

I appreciate the comments and suggestions especially the hammer and crowbar ones.

Wouldn't it be fun just to smash everything to smithereens!

But my treasured Corelle dishes are held hostage. I used to eat off these old beat up scratched, dented and faded plastic plates that came with the motorhome when I bought it. But a wonderful angel supplied me with some Corelle dishes. WOW!

A few more useful pieces I managed to snatch up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for a tiny pittance.

In a campground I met some young good looking boys who were living out of a van, debating about careening around the country before they were forced into settling down to regular jobs and debts.  I was eagerly encouraging them.  Do it while you can!

I say that because there are so many wonderful experiences I had the opportunity to do in my younger days, that I could never do now, because my body is beat up, heavily scarred, wore out and staying alive by the grace of God and pure magic with a large dose of love and caring from wonderful angels, both here on earth and floating around us.

(Phew, that was a lengthy sentence!)

The boys were impressed that I was cooking on an outdoor grill I had hauled out of the dumpster. They kept taking my garbage to the dumpster the rest of their camping stay. Perhaps they wanted first dibs on the loot.

I offered them the grill when I was done with it, I didn't have room to haul it around with me, but it was fun to cook on during my stay at the island campground. They were so eager to have the grill, that I gave them the old plates and anything else in my galley I was no longer using or didn't use enough to justify the space it occupied. When I bought my little old wheel estate, the former owners left a pile of galley gear with it. Some of it useful, much of it wore out leftovers but it was enough to jump start me in living and cooking.

As I kept pulling things out offering things to the boys, they acted like it was Christmas! So much fun, I still think about those guys and wonder what they ended up doing. I also told them about CoolWorks.Com where energetic folks can find eclectic seasonal work, often with accommodations and completion bonuses. Perhaps they could bank up some funds and see their way through an adventure while they were young and healthy.

But back to the drawer...

I've been eyeing a hefty camping ax, methodically sharpening the blade while giving the stubborn drawer dastardly evil looks.

Perhaps I can scare the drawer into opening out of sheer fear of what I might do to it if it doesn't.

*Puff Puff Puff*

I've been secretly working out with weights on the patio.  Out of sight.


I don't want the drawer to know it's stronger than me.

By golly I am going to get beefed up enough to beat that drawer at arm wrestling!

By the way the reader's suggestion not to stuff it so full is certainly well received.

However, everything in it was neatly organized, nested where possible and even the mugs wrapped in thin rubber shelf liner to prevent chipping. It's a HUGE drawer. It gets open and closed 10-15 times a day or more. I'm either getting dishes and pans out, or putting them away.

My dish drainer is teeny tiny, so I pretty much wash in small batches.  The drawer stays busy either accepting cleaned air dry dishes, or spouting them forth when I wish to cook or dine.

However, because of my seafaring days on exotic yachts as hired crew, I pretty much keep things ship shape inside the motorhome. I have a total of 9 drawers. 5 in the bedroom area (2 are tiny) plus 3 very small ones in the galley plus the jumbo mother of all drawers beneath the refrigerator that holds most of the cookware and dining utensils.

So of 9 drawers, 8 of them are precisely organized including the jumbo drawer that was defying me.  One small drawer is always in a state of confusion, only part way organized. I guess everyone ends up with a junk drawer sooner or later. One day I will finish straightening it out.

Still the massive drawer taunted me. It would open about a half inch, then start to fight back. I tried wiggling it, banging on it, shoving it back closed then out again. Still it only gave up that half inch.

My final method was to pray to the spirits to fix it while I slept. I was exhausted and frustrated. Eating and drinking out of a tin can was certainly humbling. I thanked my lucky stars I had food and a tin can to eat it out of.

Life is goof.

I was on day four of this old stubborn drawer. Throughout the night I dreamed of old loved ones who have gone before me to another world.

Imagine my surprise when the next morning, I reached down, half asleep to tug on the drawer, it simply slid open, pretty as you please.

Those spirits do good work!

I was so impressed, I emptied out the entire drawer, vacuumed for dirt, checked to see what was wrong with it but couldn't put my finger on any problems.

Finally I decided perhaps I needed to rearrange my galley in such a way, that the drawer didn't take the brunt of the heavy items.

What was I thinking?

It took me another day and a half to finally get everything cleaned, reorganized into new places, and the jumbo drawer only containing the lightest of light items instead of the heavier stuff.

I am exhausted. I want to cook now. I'm hungry. But I have no idea where anything is anymore.

Spirits at work in mysterious ways. I have no other explanation for the drawer magic.

I have not read this book yet, but I stumbled across it on Amazon after I wrote the above. The title "Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels"  astonished me.

Perhaps I am not alone in my thoughts. There are others. Hmmm...

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  1. Congratulations. The Borrowers took pity upon you and removed the brace they'd forced into the drawer track...

    Sadly, the results of my personal drawer comedy stare me down every time I enter the galley -- all the canned goods are out on top of the counter awaiting a solution to the problem of how to keep the drawer slide from popping from its track when the drawer is loaded. Sadly, the Borrowers haven't offered up any solutions...


Life is goof!