Monday, September 23, 2013

Take Me Too

Don't leave without me!

My little dog Harley falls in love with everywhere we camp. Settling down for volunteer workamping the past 6 months gave him an opportunity to get all cozy and comfy.

Well, actually we have split our workamping between two different parks the last 6 months. But since he hopped aboard in May 2010, his life has been one campground after another while living in his rolling dog house. 

Recently we spent a day traveling to and from the Charlotte, North Carolina airport. We went to pick up our buddy, another old salt from the Caribbean seas to hop aboard the wheel estate, helping us sail the highways and byways to exotic ports of call. 

Along the way to and from, we stopped to see other friends plus an exercise trip through a pet store. For Harley it started out as a ho hum day stuck in the milk crate doggy seat in the borrowed car, but as the wild adventure unfolded, he became rather smitten, though he was confused why we didn't bring the motorhome for the trip.

I was just too exhausted and disorganized to get it ready in time, plus return the loaner car back to it's owner. So we went with plan B, take the car to and from the airport, backtrack to pack up the RV, deliver the car then begin our journey. 

Yesterday, it threatened rain, so my friend and I hastened to pack up some of the outdoor patio where I have lived and workamped  this summer in between the chronic rain squalls and massive floods. Yeah, it's been a wild summer here. 

It seems to always be pouring down rain when it's time for me to break camp, meaning that many things are stowed away wet, then have to be unloaded and dried out at the next place. Read that as a royal pain in the elbow and that is putting it rather politely. Today we wanted to get much of it packed away before the rains could soak it all.

Harley could see the tell tell signs of breaking camp. Usually he plants himself inside on the passenger seat, looking forlornly out the window.  

Yesterday was no different.  My happy enthusiastic puppy was suddenly very solemn, looking so worried.  Because of the imminent showers, we were tossing his toys inside one by one as we found them under the picnic table, in the bushes, on the patio mat, in the grass and so on. Some of his toys look pretty rough, but I have to wait until he is not looking to sneak the worst of the lot into the garbage. If he catches me throwing out a nasty worn out dirty torn up shredded toy he commences crying and fussing until I bring it back out of the garbage. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson on this one. 

Harley loves his toys and I don't begrudge him having so many because he has never torn up anything of mine in the motorhome while left alone. He does sometimes pick a certain toy for shredding or unstuffing. I am never sure what his criteria is for which toy to destroy. I am just grateful he understands in his silly little head the difference between his toys and mine. He is a good little doggy and an endless puppy who shows no signs of growing up. 

After awhile we decided to take Harley on a walk around the park while picking up litter and placing reminders on cars that forgot to honorably pay their honor fees for parking in the recreation area. 

Harley absolutely refused to go for a walk. He looked like we were dragging him to his death.  He planted his little six pound body resisting all attempts to willingly walk on a leash. We were laughing so hard, because he really was putting up a stubborn fight. 

He was too afraid to leave the motorhome. 

He seemed to think that if he didn't guard the wheel estate, now that it was 90% packed for travel, it might just wander off without us, leaving us stranded while taking all his toys, food, bedding, treasured puppy blanket, and warm winter doggy sweaters away to parts unknown. He couldn't bear the thought.

What a silly dog!  He loves his walks and bark ranger duties in the park. But not today. He was going to guard the motorhome to make sure it couldn't escape without us. 

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