Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alive, Kicking and Taking Names!

Here I am, Dear Miss Mermaid, gone on walk-about. I wanted you to know I am alive, well, kicking and taking names too!

Today finds me in Orlando Florida, where I am getting some medical stuff done all week and some of next week too. Very boring, and kind of negative to talk about, so I will stick to the positive stuff. 

The good news is, I found an old motorhome to live in, and well it's small but cozy enough for a Mermaid. I spent years living on boats, and traveling all over creation, I mean mermaids were literally born to travel.

So I am very happy, that I am living in a home on wheels, even if it's not on water. Which they do make an amphibious RV, which costs a gazillion or something. You can drive it down the highway, then flip a few levers, launch it into the water and off you go!

I know, cause I saw it on TV and they say you can believe everything you see on TV...(just like the news too... ha ha ha).

Well, for you curious folks, I found the one I saw on TV, on the internet. We all know you can believe absolutely everything on the internet too!  (tee hee hee)

So here ya go!  A Mermaid's Fantasy!
Introducing the world's first luxury Amphibious Motor Coach / Yacht

Now, my boat had a name and my dinghy had a name. So should I name my new old motorhome?  They are often called RV's for recreational vehicle, but mine is an MV for Mermaid Vehicle.  I just call it a motorhome for short. And it's short. The insurance company referred to it as a "mini motorhome".  

I didn't have anywhere to store my wordly, um worldly goods in the BVI and what with the rents being out of sight, and my cantankerous landlady, well I sold and gave away everything and came to America to get well.

Medically it's been a nightmare, but I'm not going into that. (The docs just don't seem to have much experience here either, with my unique mermaid problems.)

Anyhow, once landing in America, there was the minor problem of WHERE to live.  Plus now I had no furnishings, as they were long gone in the islands. 

After researching a zillion motorhomes, I settled on an old small affordable one and I like it just fine. I had to make some repairs to it, and move my mermaid things into it. There were some sentimental things and useful things I couldn't bare to part with, so I wasn't totally empty handed when I arrived in America.

I feel like I landed in a  space ship from Mars.

A Mermaid is so out of place in America. 

But here I am, anyhow. 

I love my kitties and sadly had to rehome two cats and flew with the third. Disaster struck and I lost the third cat, so I arrived very distraught and losing all three cats has been extremely depressing. 

The airlines, said a mermaid could only fly with ONE pet, not two, not three. It was a TOUGH decision too. When the first one went to his new home, I cried for days, then the second one went to his new home, and I cried even more and the third cat was very bewildered.

Then we flew up, disaster struck, he became lost, and I've never found him and I am heart broken. 

So I've been very berry qwiet, while my heart heals and I battle my medical demons and pray for angels, calling all angels, calling all angels.

More later, from

Dear Miss Mermaid
gone on walkabout

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