Sunday, May 30, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours and then things break

Crash! Thunder! Bang boom! The heavens opened up.  The rains poured down and down and down.

I was gone on business, the puppy dog was at the baby sitters, the motorhome was all alone with her awning out for shade.

I came home, and the awning which normally drains itself of rain, was holding a lake, I was debating what to do when suddenly KER-BOOM and the awful sound of twisted metal rang through my ears as the frame buckled up and crashed to the sodden ground.

I stood there is disbelief. I was ready for a STRONG drink, but alas, all I had on hand was a glass of wine I was saving for my babysitter (who surely needed it after a day with the four-legged baby!)

I went inside and changed out of my pretty dress to something more suitable for wrecking. I called the babysitter to tell her, I was coming to fetch my pooch and she volunteered to come get him.

When she arrived, I gave her the wine and a sack of fresh Georgia peaches I had bought at a roadside stand for her. We commiserated about the awning frame being all mashed up. Her husband dropped by a few minutes later, and we commiserated some more.

After they left, I tried to improve upon the mess and succeeded in making a wreck out of me.

Pictures coming soon. I have to run drop off the baby, clean up the motorhome (company coming later) get dressed for business and I have 25 minutes to do all this in!

Do I sound drop-dead tired?  Cause I am!

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