Sunday, May 16, 2010

Orlando in a Mini-Motorhome

It's Sunday and I woke up alive, but in extreme pain.  I am trying to avoid all pain pills because they just do further damage to the kidneys and liver. Yuck. So my mind wanders around looking for a safe place to go to, where there is no pain, where life is good and all is happy. 

Hey, I'm ALIVE and that is exciting.  The whole day ahead of me.  What luck!  

I have many things to do, but many repairs I can't do. If I make a list, it's depressing.  Let's see, here's my list of repairs:

Get well, fix my body (that's major ongoing work, mostly at a standstill for now, while I attempt to amass more cash)
Hot water tank (6 gallons) only puts out 2 tablespoons of hot water, then it's 24 hours before another 2 tablespoons shows up
The laptop computer (ancient at 3 years old) refuses to shut down properly, and often won't restart for a day or more
The microwave died while reheating leftovers, flipping fuse switches doesn't seem to help, maybe there is a short somewhere, but it's built in, so not easy to get to
The sink faucet is still in the box because I can't reach underneath the sink to install the new one,I'm  thinking of cutting an access panel, but lack of tools prevents this for the time being (tools sold when moving from Tortola, far too heavy for a carryon bag)
The room darkening shade I hung over the bunk, doesn't go all the way up, so it blocks half the window,perhaps it needs shortening, I think it's 5 feet long for a 2 foot window, and maybe it's just too fat where it sits in the brackets and thus won't roll up
One back light (upper left) on the motorhome doesn't work and neither does one of the reverse lights
The outside light over the door died, probably needs a new bulb, but it also needs a ladder to reach it
The shade awning was repaired by me and my friend, but it's a temporary fix until I can replace it. Works fine, as long as there is very little wind. 

OK, there you have it, my complete WIHNE list.  *tee hee hee* of repairs. It seems so short, like I've left something (many somethings) out. 

Over the course of a few weeks, I managed to wash the outside of the motorhome and now it seems to be 3-4 different shades of white. It needs a paint job. A wax job might help it, but paint would do wonders. 

I'm trying to covert my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" to a Kindle format. I am lost at this. If anyone has any clues, HELP!

Well, I am about done with my stay in Orlando Florida. I have to move along soon to  a real campground that has a sewer dump, as my holding tank is over half full now. I'm living in a mini-motorhome, but it's plenty big enough for a mermaid and a friend.  Right now I am alone, but I have a spare over-the-cab bunk, so I can have a fried along on a trip or a visit. 

When I woke up, it was 70 F degrees in Orlando, by 930am it was 80 degrees and climbing. Orlando folks tend to live hermetically sealed in either heat or air conditioning. I love the fresh outdoors and the fresh air, but I must admit, the humidity can be very oppressive at times. 

I took a trip to the east coast of Florida a few weeks back, to visit with an old sailing buddy from the Virgin Islands, and it was 10 degrees cooler on the coast

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