Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lake Placid

On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again...

We're off to Lake Placid.

New York? Florida? Texas? Queensland, Australia? The horror film?   Lots of Lake Placid's to choose from!

Here is a picture in the motorhome on the baby's very first trip in his baby car seat. That's a cat bed I bought him (he was way too tiny for a dog bed, so cat bed it is!) I strapped in the cat bed with the seatbelt, then I put on his teeny harness, then I hooked his leash to his harness, then tied that in a clove hitch with a few extra half hitches for good measure.  He had enough leash to move around his bedding and look out the window, but not enough to leave the seat and get under my brake peddle.

That's his favorite toy, his "bo-bo".  So I let him pick one toy for the long ride and bo-bo it was.

At a Walmart Superstore, I stopped to check out their groceries and load up for the week. We parked the motorhome at the end of the lot, next to some trees. It was super hot and humid. I don't think my cutie would be welcome in the grocery store, so I released him from his "car seat", fired up my generator, put the roof top air conditioning on full blast, told my beloved to be a "good boy" and took off shopping while the pooch had the motorhome all to himself.

Is he spoiled or what?  Generator... air-conditioning... my gosh!

Fifty minutes later, I was headed back to the motorhome, and I couldn't hear any barking at all (good sign or else he is busy chewing up the throw rugs...)  but amazingly, when I opened the door, I was greeted with Arctic cold air and one very happy puppy dog. Nothing was destroyed and he had merrily scattered his toys all over the place.

He was thrilled to see all the groceries and thinks I must be the world's greatest hunter, to have killed and bagged all that prey so quickly.

I threw it all in the refrigerator, made sure the door was locked for driving, then after giving baby Harley, a quick walk under the trees, I strapped him back in his car seat and we took off again.

As I was walking towards Walmart, I decided to turn around and take a picture of the motorhome.  Since the head injury, I keep forgetting where I park cars. So taking a picture, can be handy for finding the car again. I don't have a car anymore. But I kept losing my friend's car in the parking lots. Some days I spent 20-40 minutes hunting down the "lost" car. Well, I really didn't need this picture, cause when I got back, I realized, the motorhome, being 11 feet tall, was EASY to spot in the parking lot, especially since I had the trees to remember it by. DUH...

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