Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dear Miss Mermaid gone on walk-about

As reported on my web blog, I've gone on walk-about!  I am getting medical treatment (yuck, we won't discuss it, I am focusing on positive things!) and checking out other oceans and beaches. 

Here are pics from Daytona Beach Florida.  Amazingly, you can park right on the beach here.  

Cars to the left, people to the right, mermaids in the ocean, drinkers at the bar on the pier and fisherfolk everywhere.

Daytona Beach Highway is paved in sand (like the Jost Van Dyke Beach Highway in the British Virgin Islands, but it's not as big.

Speed Limit, 10 Miles Per Hour (so you can bikini watch!)

Babe's customary if you have a cute body,  to hang out in your bikini, very close to the traffic lane for optimum exposure. Doing so in a group is encouraged.  LOL!

No wonder Daytona Beach Florida is so popular, look at that beautiful sand and the Atlantic ocean waves. 

Cool drinks and hot food are available on the pier at Crabby Joe's Deck and Grill. 

All in all, a great place to be, and this couple heard they might spot a MERMAID from the Caribbean, so they set up camp near the ocean, to watch for her. 

This report is not finished. Dear Miss Mermaid became temporarily ill while writing this and has to keep taking breaks. (But I will get it finished and it better not be the last thing I do!)

Ok, this report is probably finished.  After numerous interruptions due to sudden illness, I am going to bed for a wittle while. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What the heck ?? Are you all right ? Did you get my e-mail?
    From Dear Lissy

  2. Put the lime in the coconut then drink it all up. Put the lime in the coconut and man you'll feel better...

  3. *HICCUP* I feel better already. *HICCUP*


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