Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Mermaid Out of Water

Oh my goodness. I am behind on EVERY thing!  Dear Miss Mermaid has gone on walkabout and having major technology meltdowns.  (Could it be the antiquated well seasoned equipment failing?)

If you haven't heard from me by email or phone, try emailing or phoning again and I will do my best to play catch-up.  My phone died and ate my address book.  Then the computer crashed and burned.  

To top it all off, I was messing about with those pesky medical type folks, and they just made me feel much worse, with promises it will get better in time. 

Dug out the old hard drive backup and the backup for the address book was way out of date and that made no sense at all.  

I've managed to recover email addresses but I'm missing many phone numbers. 

Oh well. Life is crazy. So much for technology!

I dream of a paperless world, cause these folks are trying to bury me in paperwork and the technology that is supposed to prevent this isn't working. 

I thought by 2010 we would be able to point our cell phones at point-of-sale registers and not only use our charge card that way but also record the receipt electronically and thus LESS paperwork. Lately, every time I try to conduct $5-$50 worth of business with someone, they give me a STACK of paperwork to go with it. Good grief. In a few months times, my filing cabinet is overflowing and stacks of papers everywhere.

Did we go WRONG On the technology highway?  Or are there just TOO MANY DANG LAWYERS and frivolous LAWSUITS out there.  (Now there's a can of worms!)  In 30 years of personal desktop computers, it seems the powers to be have found a way to create MORE paperwork, not less!

I want a simpler life and this paperwork nightmare is annoying. 

As reported in my Hurricane blog, Dear Miss Mermaid has gone on walkabout. Well, I came to the USA for the moment. Now I may be a mermaid and all, but I was born in the USA with legs because my mother was 200 miles from the ocean when she gave birth, thus no one knew I was a real mermaid until they took me to small island in the ocean and the salt water melted away my legs and gave me back my mermaid tail. 

You see Mermaids can't give birth, so their mother's aren't mermaids and they can't have offspring nor merry, um mary, I mean MARRY!  LOL!   Mermaids are just a one-off specialty item, extremely rare indeed. (And they seem to be dyslexic and very creative with spelling...just ask my spell heckler...)  

If a mermaid gets too far away from her beloved ocean, her tail withers up and she sprouts instant legs. This can be cumbersome, as Dear Miss Mermaid managed to break her legs a while back, when was that, 2-3 years ago?

I don't remember when, I can't find my calendar.  Either technology ate it or it's buried beneath paperwork...

So today, I am housekeeping with an intention of cleaning up and seeing how much paperwork can I get rid of before it drives me crazier.

Mo' later from that traveling Dear Miss Mermaid who's gone on walkabout...

Today's Photo contributed by the Mermaid Gardener, (not to be confused with Dear Miss Mermaid)  *giggle*

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