Monday, May 24, 2010

Picture of the New Baby Boy on Adoption Day

Here is my new baby boy, just minutes after adopting him. He was born Christmas Eve 2009 and is now 5 months old. We were in the borrowed car already and my friend was holding him, to comfort him for the long ride back to his new home, while I was driving. He is malnourished, and underweight, his fur is thin and dull. I hope to nurse him into great health.  I bet a month from now, he will be gorgeous and normal weight. I haven't got an exact weight, he seems to be about 3-4 pounds at this point, will try to weigh him soon.

The former keepers showered love on him, but fed him Doritos and Corn Chips! That is junk food that even I won't eat and it's a horrible diet for a puppy dog.  No wonder the poor little fellow has no meat on his bones and his fur is lifeless.

The first day home he wouldn't eat at all, he just wanted to be held and consoled constantly so my friends and I took turns babying him all day long and at night he slept in my bed, all curled up in a tight ball.  I am sure he was waiting for his junky food of Doritos and Corn Chips, but I was hoping hunger would overtake at some point and he would learn to settle for puppy chow.

Sometime during the night, he snuck out of bed and ate some proper puppy kibble.  He can take a long running start, then fly up on the bed and land in the middle, rather smitten with himself. 

I am visiting friends who have two small dogs, who seem like giants next to this itty bitty boy. Yesterday, on day two of his life with me, I gave him a new name, since he is going to have a new life and now that he had seen the big doggies a few times, I put him in the floor to see if he would play with them, as they were eager to sniff him over.

A repairman came to see about my old motorhome and my friends said "Leave the baby here and we will babysit."  Well my poochie was not happy when I left.

An hour later, the repairman ad I had sussed things out (we needed more parts!) and he being a dog lover, he wanted to meet my rescue, so we walked over to my friend's house to get the puppy.

I opened the door and was absolutely astonished!  An hour earlier, I had left this trembling, whimpering tiny puppy in their care and now all three dogs came racing for the door, which of course included my new baby.  He was so excited to see me and was dancing and showing me how he played fetch with the other dogs' toys.  Even though they outweighed him by 20 pounds, he was playing rough and tough with the big boys having the time of his life.

I put his harness back on him and took him outside on his leash and we went for a short walk while he watered the grass here and there to let the neighborhood know he had arrived.

Back at the motorhome, I tried to coax him to walk up the steps on his own four paws (he prefers to be carried all the time) but I want him trained to do both, as sometimes my hands might be full (of dog food and stuff) and I might need him to walk in, rather than wait to be carried inside.

Once inside, he collapsed into a very long nap of several hours, I guess the other two dogs had just wore him out completely.

This morning I put his harness and leash back on to take him for a walk but he wanted to lead me to the neighbors and go play some more. We couldn't because it was early and I suspect the neighbors were still sleeping. He was most unhappy, and refused to go for a long walk. 

So many things to teach him!  I finally had to carry him back home, as he was sitting there stubbornly, refusing to walk. The tiny harness is miles too big for him, I hope he grows into it soon.  At the motorhome, I put him down about 10 feet from the door and finally coaxed him to walk to the door and up the steps on his own power.

Back inside, he wanted to chew up my flip-plops and I told him a stern "NO!" and he dropped it.  I got his toys and played with him some. Then he chewed on the rug and again I said "NO!" and he stopped and looked really pathetic.  So we played with his toys some more. He ate only a tiny bit of food, still holding out for that junk that isn't forthcoming.
Playtime wore him out and he is curled up next to me on the settee, snoozing away. 

Here is his promised picture!


  1. So precious ! Made me want to hug my chihuahua-
    mini rat terrier puppy . Best wishes from
    Stormcariber from dreadful S.E. Louisiana coastal
    region . God speed protection to all in the
    danger zones of the atlantic cyclone sesaon 2010!

  2. OMG He is absolutely adorable. I want one. Smile
    Missa Lissa
    P.S. My lovely siamese and marina cat is going to visit Dr. Laura tomorrow. He is one sick cat. Think good thoughts.


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