Saturday, May 01, 2010

I need HELP

 I need your ideas, how to sell my book. Also, if anyone out there understands how this CSS programming works, I need help with this web blog!  It doesn't look anything like I want it to. 

I was thinking of the Six Degrees of Separation...  if everyone I knew asked everyone they knew to look at my book and consider buying it...  eventually it might land on the desk of some hifalutin reviewer who might actually like it and write about it and then the masses would know about it. I'm winking in the dark here, I know what I'm doing, but no one else does. 


Have you read my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers"?  If so can you PLEASE post a review of it on Amazon. Amazon doesn't care whether you bought it there or not, as long as you have read it and are willing to review it. Once I get 50+ reviews, then the gurus at Amazon, sit up and take notice.  So please consider posting a review today. 

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