Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homesick and Selling my Books

Pardon the mess, I wrote this early this morning, then had cantankerous computer problems all day, so I wrote this off-line and when I transferred it, the formatting was all messed up. *sigh*  It's late, I'm tired, but I will post it anyhow.

It's a beautiful day in Florida. I am truly homesick for the islands, after 22
years in the Caribbean, you can imagine how homesick and out of place I
feel these days. I will be back in the Caribbean soon, just no fixed

Speaking of no fixed date, I also have no fixed address!  I did rent a box
to get mail at and eventually someone boxes it up and sends it to me at
my current address. 

In the interim, I bought an old used motorhome to live in, since the USA is
big, and I had no idea where I would end up. Sadly, my parents died while
I was living in the Caribbean, and though I
did return to their funerals, I've rarely visited the states in the
past 22 years, so I feel VERY out of place at times.  During
funerals, I was so stressed out, I didn't take notice of much of
anything in America. 

Apparently,  I missed out on a heck of a lot!  

However, living in the motorhome,  is working out fine, as I don't have
to live out of a seabag, but living in a mini-motorhome is not for the
faint of heart.  I don't need much and the beauty of living in
a motorhome is it comes fully furnished and in my case, the former
owners left behind kitchen gear, sheets, towels and some other useful
things.  They also left me a holding tank full of their poop,
but that's a whole 'nother story!  
tioga montara
Here is a drawing of my mini-motorhome. It's called a Class C, because it is
built on a van chassis.  I used this picture to make my
calling cards,  as obviously my phone and mail are different
while in the USA.

I'm working on a colorful business card for promoting my books,
but that will take more money to print, this one being black and white,
was economical to print. I put my info in bold type over the picture
and the cards just came back from the printer, and they look terrific.

They did raised print and a raised picture, so the card looks far
better than this picture depicts.  Even the printer loved my
idea!  If you have a motorhome and want a similar card, send
me a picture of your motorhome, so I can make a drawing out of it.
My email is Author AT DearMissMermaid.Com (remove the AT and
spaces and replace with @, this prevents those pesky bots from stealing
my email address to send me spam).
RV business card, tioga montara

Had I stayed in motels, I would have spent a fortune, and staying with friends is
certainly loads of fun, but they expect you to move along at some
point, not just move in. Also, I wanted to literally chase down some
medical care, both traditional and alternative.  So all in all, an old motorhome, made
sense to me, being that I've live aboard boats and yachts and things afloat that travel.

My book; Hurricanes and Hangovers is continuing to sell somewhat. If ANYONE out
there has any ideas on how to promote it better, give me a shout, I
need all the help I can get.   I am not selling enough each
month to make a living yet *giggle* but I am working on more books,
because the reviews from this one have been favorable. 

I just got up, after spending  about 18 hours in bed, battling
excruciating pain. I now feel remarkably better, even though I didn't
take any pain pills.  My long hair is  in dreadknots and man
oh man, have I got some serious work to get those knots out. 

By the way, if you want to promote my book on your blog or website, you can
actually make money doing so!  Every time someone clicks the
link to buy the book, you make between $0.64 and  $1.36 per
book, (fees based on volume) and you get a check the end of each month,
deposited to your bank account.  One busy Caribbean website is
selling a lot of my books and earning nice commissions this

For instance, the fees are based on volume, so if your website sells between 1-6
books per month, you earn 4% of the selling price, in this case $15.99
for the book, and 4% is $0.64

But once you've sold 7 or more books that month, the commission jumps
to 6% or  $0.96 per book.  The rest of the volume
structure through Amazon Associates works like this:
1-6 books, 4%
7-30 books, 6%
31-110 books, 6.5%
111-320 books, 7%
321-630 books, 7.5%
631-1570 books, 8%
1571-3130 books,  8.25%
3131 and up, 8.5%

Now the good news is,  if the person clicks through to buy my book and buys
others things, books or other stuff from Amazon, at the same time, you
get commissions on everything.  All you have to do is sign up at to become an Amazon Associate at this link.

If that is too much trouble for you, contact me directly at  Author at (remove the at and spaces, replace with @ to get my email correctly) this is so robots don't write me, only people...  gosh the
things we have to do to avoid unwanted spam emails.   I can
create a special account to track your sales and you will still get a
check the end of each. 

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