Thursday, November 04, 2010

Almost There

My gracious friends in Michigan, invited me in April to come visit them. I drove myself, arriving in mid July, along with a new puppy I rescued in May. I was relieved to take a break from  the three month journey.  My friends were very gracious hosts and we had a blast, laughing and loving and goofing off.

When they found out I drove up there without a map or GPS, racking up 3,439 miles to do a 692 mile trip, they bought me a big beautiful Atlas of the USA

Thanks for the gorgeous Atlas! I consult it often. So eventually I left Michigan, and ended up in Ohio.

Did you know Ohio covers 8 pages?

Two months and 7 pages of Ohio later, I left Coolville, headed for  Orlando Florida.  That was in early September.

Coolville, Ohio to Orlando, Florida is a  mere 868 miles, nearly due South.

Piece of cake!

56 days and 3,129 miles later, I'm now camping at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, 529 miles closer to Orlando.

So that means I drove on average about 55 miles per day, and overall got 9 miles per day closer to Orlando.


I told you I LOVED that new Atlas!

At this rate, With Orlando, only 339 miles away, I should arrive in 6 or 38 days, depending on which way you do the math. So either by Thanksgiving or Christmas, I should be in Orlando.

Why do I need a watch?  I have a calendar and a big beautiful atlas.

In case you are wondering, here is where I wandered last week.

Wedneday I checked into Fieldridge Acres near the Charlotte, North Carolina airport.  Thursday morning, I dropped my sailing buddy who has been wandering around off and on aimlessly with me since mid September.

Puppy and I were very sad to see him go. We had to use our windshield wipers to combat the tears. We've both enjoyed having a playmate around who loves our little motorhome as mush as we do. Matter of fact, he helped make repairs and minor improvements and upgrades. LUCKY  us!

Beleieve me, two Caribbean sailors, have virtually no reguard for time or speed, so we have enjoyed a leisurely trip down scenic side roads and byways.

So after I dropped him off, I drove to Mauldin, South Carolina, to camp on private property. Since I don't have a car and I have friends in the Greater Greenville area, I broke camp often to drive around meeting old friends here and there.

Then Monday I moved to the Rainbow RV Campground in Taylors, South Carolina.  Tuesday I went to the Colleton State Park, southeast, a whopping 180 miles. We only got lost once.

Wedneday I decided to go visit the place where I fell in love with the ocean and sailing when I was a child. That took me to Hunting Island on the coast of South Carolina. Of course I got lost along the way, driving 20-30 something miles north before headin south again.


Sometimes I just drive off the map and have no idea where I am.

But as a child of the planet, I am happy every where I turn up and puppy is enthusiastic about it too.

You can tell my motorhome refuses to take a direct route to anywhere... 

I must teach puppy to navigate.  Everyone says get a GPS thingy or phone with mapping, well that is on my wish list, but it's so far down there, could be years before I save up enough for that, what with the banks and medical bills breathing down my neck, I am trying to sell more books and sell more subscriptions. (Please, tell your friends or local bookstore.)

I'm treading water but the angels are looking after me.  I have my many readers to THANK for following my whacky tales and supporting my writing endeavors through subscriptions and book purchases. I appreciate you being so kind about my spell heckler errors. I am trying to improve.

Thank you one and all. Be safe, Be happy. Love the ones you're with.

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