Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Life Is Short

Wolfman Harley and I drove a whopping 180 miles yesterday to end up at the beautiful Colleton State Park in Canadys, South Carolina.   This is such a gem to find, I am surprised the park isn't filled to capacity.  The final nightly rate with sales tax and transaction fee ended up being only $17.31.  

The night before at Rainbow RV Park, in Taylors, South Carolina,  the rate was $30.25.  So my budget minded purse was immensely happy.  

Sadly, we arrived after dark, something I try to always avoid doing.  I had called earlier and was told the park was open until 9pm.  When I arrived, the park ranger's office was lit up, but no one was around. Four jumbo wooden rockers graced the porch of the office. I was so wanting to just collapse in one and rock my  evening  away.  

As we crept around the dark campground, driving about one mile per hour, the  gracious park host, Nora, came out and stopped us.  No, I didn't have a reservation, just a phone call to alert them I might be on my way there and did they have space, which the jolly park ranger had said "Yes!  We have plenty of room, and bring some friends with you too!"

How I would have loved nothing better than to bring some friends with me, but alas, it was only me and the Wolfman. I've invited loads of people to go camping with me in my motorhome. When shopping for my motorhome, I wanted one with a spare bed, so I could have a friend or couple go with me on a fun filled trip. 

So far I've had friends on two 24 hour trips and then my dear sailing buddy who went on two trips with me, with an intermission at his house between trips. All in all, we spent about 6-7 weeks together and had an absolute blast.

Both the 24 hour trips were not my idea, I would have preferred at least a weekend of two nights out together, but sometimes I think people are afraid of FUN.

Life is short!  Have a little FUN in it now and then. 

One happy puppy out camping!

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