Saturday, November 20, 2010


Homesick Blues
I've been hit by the homesick blues. I pulled out this picture to show you my view September 2010, from my old home in the Virgin Islands. These pictures should click to enlarge, seems they've now fixed that bug.

Yeah.  I am homesick. A mermaid out of water.

Lately, everyone is telling me about their plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Somehow I began feeling homesick for the islands again.  I thought I would be back by now, but here I am in this little old motorhome.

I'm happy as can be, just feeling homesick.

Below is White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. I've spent many happy days and nights in this pristine anchorage.

I guess my feet are itchy. I've been parked for two weeks now in my motorhome.

Something in my spirit just keeps me roaming.

My dreams at night take me on adventures, to places I've never seen before. I have no idea how that happens. But it seems at some point in the future, I end up in a place I once dreamed about.

A few more of my articles were accepted today, so I have reason to be super excited, they haven't been published yet, but will be. Of course, all that means I have to keep churning them out. I am juggling so much at once, staying busy and fighting to stay well.

My air-conditioner is in pieces, while I do what maintenance and look-sees I can do to possibly get it running again.  There are always projects to keep things afloat.  Half the time I don't know what I am doing, just operating out of a manual, trying to fix it on the fly.

Then a boo-boo happened. I was briefly sitting on my friend's deck, for just a few minutes, then I was going back to work, writing, cleaning, tinkering with the air conditioner, go for a dog walk etc. My friend suddenly jumped up to go answer her phone.

CRACK! The back of the chair I was sitting in, one of those cheap  ubiquitous plastic chairs, suddenly cracked across the back.  One minute I am sitting, the next I am falling backwards in space, wondering what was happening to me. I landed with a thud, striking my back against the wooden steps behind me, the chair going over backwards with me, then thwacking my silly head for good measure against the wall, while saying something totally unintelligible like "Ahhhhhhhh Aggggggggg, OWWWWWWWWW, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Frankly I was so confused, as I slowly took stock of myself, then eventually got back up again. My head ached, my back hurt, I hoped the other guy looked worse than I felt.

Meanwhile my friend came out to see what all the noise was, she wanted me to sit back down, but I was not going to take another chance on that. I suggested the chair needed to be tossed out, before it injured anyone else.  The pain hit really hard, I went from super happy to mega grumpy, so I went home to my motorhome.  She came racing over to see if I wanted to go for medical help or call an ambulance, but I just wanted to rest, try to meditate the pain away.

So I am feeling really beat up, a lump on my back, a thump on my head plus struck by the homesick blues.

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