Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hold Them Tightly

I moved to another campground, the Rainbow RV Park in Taylors, South Carolina.   All is well. It's mostly full of long term residents, but they did have a spot open for me that is a pull-through. Sue, the lady running the office, was super nice and patient with me. With a pull-through spot, I can come and go, to do my errands and see some friends before I move along. Of course I can do that with a back-in spot too, but it's much easier not having to backup alone to park all the time. Especially if I go out at night. 

It's very odd to be in my old hometown. I feel like such a stranger here now. I can't bear to drive by the last home I owned here. I loved that place. I want to remember it as it was, not as it is now. Pretty strange eh?

Speaking of backing up, I am really good at that now. I creep along at a snail's pace and pay attention to both my mirrors.  If I am in the least bit of doubt, I throw the gear shifter into Park, get out and look around, then proceed again.  If I have to move forward and start over, it doesn't bother me at all. I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

My mirrors on the sides of the motorhome, have a mind of their own. The wind seems to push them around. I don't know how to fix this problem, other than to keep adjusting the mirrors again. These are old manual mirrors.  You have to hang out the window to adjust them. I can not reach the passenger side mirror from the driver's seat, I have to get out of The Beast, walk around, adjust the mirror, get back inside, and check for accuracy.

The driver's side mirror, I have to be parked, hang out the window half-way, adjust the mirror, then sit back in my seat and check my modification. Sometimes I do this at a stop light, but I have to put the gear shifter into Park first, so I don't do anything silly (like accidentally roll into another vehicle).

I hear a chain saw going in the park and now a big loud thud. Down went a big tree, landing  just feet from a big travel trailer.

I will be moving along today or tomorrow or whenever. I'm headed to Florida for a part time gig. Sometime this month, I am hoping one of my friend's from Minnesota will join me on a trip.  She is also a sailor and island girl, so we have lots in common. Since she is used to small sailboats, she should adapt to the motorhome pretty quickly, like my last sailing buddy.

I hesitate to say much about my future plans, as they are constantly changing. Plus there is the LOST factor. I get lost often. Even with my friend who just spent about 6-7 weeks with me, we got lost. Maybe it's the nature of The Beast.

Have you read my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers"?  If you have, I would be absolutely delighted and thrilled if you would post a 5 star review on Amazon. You don't have to have even bought the book directly from them, you just have to have read it and be willing to post a review.

Amazon is currently selling my book at 15% off retail. Yippie!  If you buy two, you get FREE shipping. It makes a great Christmas gift for those hard to buy for people. If they love to laugh, they will love the book.

I sometimes read other people's traveling blogs, especially the ones about RV's.  Imagine my surprise, shock and horror, to visit an RV blog and discover the lady who writes it and her husband, recently perished together.

Her last words on her last blog were "Hope you all have plans for a great weekend, wherever you are!  Travel safe and enjoy the view.
Until next time…..so long for now!"

24 hours later, her daughter posted on the blog: 

To those of you that read my mom's blog I am Stephanie, her daughter.  I am writing on my mom's blog today to let you all know of a tragedy that has hit our family very hard.  As most of you know both my parent's were avid walkers; they walked multiple miles a day and enjoyed there talks together very much.

This morning they were taking a typical walk in Pismo and someone driving a car struck them both down.  Unfortunately, neither of them survived this tragic accident.  


Rest in peace, my gentle travelers. 

That blog posting was a sobering reminder that tomorrow may never happen, that today could be our last day. Love the ones your're with and hold them tightly. 
Flowers at Niagara Falls, New York

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