Friday, November 12, 2010

Head Banger

Life is good. Except I am in a major city with erratically random Internet access, courtesy of AT&T. What is wrong with them? I've no idea. All I can say is, I don't recommend AT&T for mobile Internet access.  It's a great way to throw away good money for nothing.
Harley had some real beef and boy was he ever thrilled. I did a crock pot meal at my friends' house for dinner yesterday. I found a Sirloin Roast, marinated that overnight, then put it in the crockpot the next morning with baby carrots, mushrooms, tiny red potatoes, quartered onions, lots of chopped garlic plus basil, bay leaf, oregano and thyme.

They take your money and that's about where the service ends. It's horrible, cuts off every few minutes before you can get anything done.

Customer care is akin to asking the morgue for an instant miracle.

Grrrrrrrrr...That's me growling.

Now I'm smiling, feeling pretty petty about my minor complaint. I have to just smile, groan, grin and bear it. The only reason I need internet access is to work. That little four letter word. Work.

I am settling into my temporary campground in my friend's garden. I've been helping them out, cooking dinners at their house for everybody, plus cleaning up the mess afterwards. What fun!

Puppy and I have been on walks through suburbia. I am on the mend again, my energy is slowly coming back.

By golly, I might live another week.

After it slow cooked all day, the meat and veggies were melt-in-your mouth awesome. Harley was wiggling his nose, waiting for a small hunk of beef to hurry and cool so he could taste some too.
I also made some coleslaw with cabbage, carrots, raisins, mayo, dill and horseradish  sauce (the secret ingredient.)
For grins, I made an iron skillet of cornbread with a new recipe that was well loved. It uses only 1/4 cup of honey and no sugar but does include a 1/2 cup of butter.
Ding-dong, the electrician interrupted dinner at dark thirty, to fix their RV outlet, so I have electricity now in my motorhome. I feel oh so spoiled. A few days without electricity can humble one. Since I spent so much time in the Caribbean and messing about sailboats, a few days without electricity is no big deal. Just that, currently being in America, you kind of expect electricity.
I even ran the water hoses for hookup, so I have street water too. I feel terribly spoiled. Their gardener came and trimmed up the tree branches that were giving my motorhome grief every time the wind blew. The tree looks 100% better and the palm plants beneath it were thrilled to get some room back, so they can be seen and enjoyed.
That little bit of tree trimming will make it a snap for me to pull in or out of my parking spot in the side garden.
Living in a comedy...  My friends plus me, make four humans and three canines on one property. If you met all four of us humans separately, you might wonder what on earth we have in common. Each an eccentric?
But there's loads of peace, harmony and love, so it's all good. I need tranquility for healing. They need a little extra help around the house here and there.
I've been cooking nights for everybody. The pantry is super chaotic, yet the rest of their house is fairly well organized. So I dumped out their entire pantry, covering every square inch of counter space this morning.
I reorganized the mess, restocked the shelves and by golly, it's a cinch to find things now. I also found loads of repeats, like three bags of flour, all opened, about 2,000 tea bags and enough hot chocolate packets to serve nearly 100 people. I also found a few moldy science projects, which I discarded.
Then I hit my head rather hard on the upper cabinet door corner. I remembered all the new words my carpenter friend had taught me and used them all. I apologized later, for my foul outburst, after I quit seeing stars.
Now the pantry is well organized, easy to find loads of stuff, but I can't remember what any of it is for...

In other words, wait a long time for nothing to happen.
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