Sunday, November 21, 2010

Odd Pictures

 I write out of sequence, about today, or last week, last month, last year or a lifetime ago. It's the way my brain works. I am just all over the place. Today I am sharing amusing pictures. All photographs by Dear Miss Mermaid. I had a heck of a time with the formatting. I hope it neatens up, but I am frustrated. Live and learn, or just live.

Looks like a fancy tent with closets or leg room attached.
Tents have come a longs ways from the basic inverted V.
Check out those tent pegs. Aren't they great?
Not only useful to prevent tripping but whimsically funny on the dark side.
They glowed at night too.


Can you tell we had fun at the beach?  This is our entryway in the motorhome, two hours after our arrival at the beach campground. While I carefully wiped my feet on the outdoor rug, puppy wiped his all over the indoor rug.  Those are his outdoor toys he carefully brought inside one by one, because it began raining outside. If any of you wonder why I ripped out the wall to wall carpet in favor of vinyl tiles and easy-to-clean throw rugs, it's all in the name of having fun. 

Packing for a trip?  Don't leave home without a thing. Take it all with you including the garden out back. This motorhome combo sat in the campground for a few days. I never saw them use any of this stuff. Maybe they are moving somewhere for the winter, where they will use it all there.
I still am happy with LESS IS BEST! 

My doggy fell over on his nose!  Actually he is checking out his first sniff of Spanish Moss. Even though we were obviously in the south, he was cold that morning.  I never thought I would own a dog I would have to dress in the morning.  I've always had big robust dogs that wore a collar and nothing else. My 6 pound pooch gets cold at temperatures below 70F degrees. I am trying to fatten him up, but he has a high energy level, playing and working hard each day.
When it rains my enthusiastic puppy looks super sad. Earlier we had been playing at the beach.  That afternoon it poured down rain.  I took this picture with a flash, so it appears nighttime, even though it was a semi-bright afternoon. Wolfman Harley usually seems like the perpetual cheerful puppy. Indeed, many strangers, upon meeting him, often remark what a happy dog he is. But when it rains, he sits on my bed, looking mournfully out the windows.  I called his name to snap the picture, and he turned around with his sad little face.  I tried to cheer him up with his froggy, but he didn't want to play, just wanted to watch the rain and look oh so sad.
This well kept fifth wheel belies its true age and who cares? 
The creative paint job looks great, especially against this tropical background in South Carolina.

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  1. The tent pegs are cool but I think the double out houses on the tent are way cooler :-)

    Have a great week



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