Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Doggone Interview

By popular request, Harley has submitted for an interview by Barbara Woofwoof. Here is a transcript:
Well, yes, a puppy has to have comfy pillows to lay on. You don't expect me to sit all over the furniture without  pillows do you?

No, I am just a puppy.  But I am featured on YouTube in two videos. Maybe that makes me a dancing star (or a dancing fool!)

I will be two paws old on Christmas Day 2011.  I was born as a gift for Dear Miss Mermaid in 2009, but she didn't find me until May 2010. She gets lost often. I guess it took her 5 months to eventually locate me. 

Heck no!  I have to work for a living as a Bark Ranger. The hours are long, the pay is only love, food, treats, sweaters, toys and a rolling dog house.  Nobody gives me any money. But, I have no pawkets to keep money in anyhow. 

Two beds?
Yes, I have two designated dog beds, but one is my bark-o-lounger. A puppy has to lounge doesn't he?  

Puppy Blankets?
Yes, I have doggy blankets.  You wouldn't want me to get cold and shiver would you?

Yes, I have a few toys. OK, maybe a dozen or so I am told. I only have 4 paws, so I can't count beyond that. Most were gifts from fans.  I love toys and gifts. 

Um, yes, I love treats and food.  I've received  a few mail order and in person from adoring fans. Hey, a dog's gotta eat!  

I know many human words such as "Toy, sweater, tennis ball, bouncy ball,  teddy bear, bo-bo, treat, cheese, food, breakfast, hot dog, walk, ride, no, ut-oh,  and  stay."  Sometimes I pretend to know what "sit, come, quiet, hush and stop" means, but mostly I try to ignore these words. I randomly answer to my name. It depends on who is calling and what they might want. I might come, I might not. (I learned this from cats.)

This is me and my Bo-Bos. First I had green Bo-Bo and I loved him dearly. Somehow,  all of Bo-Bo's stuffing fell out. I have no idea how this happened. Then I got blue Bo-Bo. He was so much fun, then he split open and all his stuffing fell right out too. I have no idea how that happened.  None.  I still play with him, even though he is rather deflated and skimpy now. 


I love to chase and  wrestle with them. Below I am wrestling a kitty cat in Ohio. On video, on youtube too!

Oh sure, I have a few sweaters, T-shirts, jackets, coats and vests. You don't expect me to run around naked  do you?  

Yes, I gotta keep my cute little puppy figure, of course I do yoga.  

I do my own coif-fur. Sure I submit to baths, paw-fume spray and brushing, but I've never had a trim. In Puppy magazine they said  I have rugged good looks. 

What?  Puppy magazine said I looked ragged?  Who misquoted them?  Personally, I like the waifish rakish look. Every dog should have a few bangs out front.  

To be continued...  Puppy wanted to paws for the cause...

I'm too sexy for my collar. 


  1. HAHAHAA That was just to darn cute. I tried to get Fred to watch the video's but he had other things on his mind. Thanks for the laughs and smiles.

  2. Adorable, I like the pic of him with his blue bo-bo.

  3. You rock Harley, you are one lucky little dude!

  4. First - thanks for visiting me! and second! what the hey kinda dawg is Harley!

    HAHaaaaaa.... cutest thing I've seen in a looooong time -- well, on four legs... I got an awfully cute g'daughter on two... ;)

    Trying to read some background of you... what fun...


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