Friday, December 30, 2011

Harley Gets A Brother From Another Mother

 Harley wasn't feeling well at all yesterday. He was c-c-cold, I was c-c-cold.  When we went for a walk, we ran into his favorite puppy buddy who poked him. Harley grouched. His buddy playfully poked him again. This time Harley snarled at him. 

We laughed about it, then I picked up my little ornory muffin.  He was shaking and shivering something awful despite wearing a sweater with his new birthday coat over it. I tucked him inside the warmth of my jacket. We went back to the wheel estate to thaw out. 

Harley refused to let me take his coat off.  Instead he laid up on his white doggy blanket.  He was still vibrating like a palm frond in a hurricane, so I tossed my alpaca shawl over him. I snapped his picture just before he dozed right off. 
 Drive by shooting...

Ever wonder what an orange grove looks like at 60 miles per hour?  Well, I shot this pic while zipping by in the wheel estate  to Melbourne Florida.

Harley gets a brother from another mother...

This is Harley's latest love- his new little brother. I found him in a nearly new shop for 89 cents.  Harley plays with  him, romps with him, drags him around and generally annoys his little brother as much as possible. But clearly he is smitten. In this picture Harley is saying "Dude?  What happened to your ear?"

Another drive by shooting...   this one at 10 miles per hour. 

Our big wide beautiful world offers up such glorious treats. 

Sunset on the prairie resembles wildfire at Three Lakes Wildlife Management area near Kenansville, Florida. 

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