Saturday, December 10, 2011

Formatting Terrors

I will post as soon as I can get my formatting terrors with blogger or blogspot to neaten up. I so want to scream, I wrote a beautiful post, but when I go to preview it, the formatting screws up royally. 

I guess they are never going to fix their formatting terrors. I have to go do 10 different things to straighten up my last writing, before I can post it here. But first I need a slight lunch break. 


  1. I don't understand why you wrestle with Blogger so much. I don't have any issues with it. Sometime's it is a bit tricky to get the photo's to line up right where I want them but there's lots of tutorials online for that and I've learned how to toy with the HTML a bit to get just what I want.

    Maybe it's the template you are using. I had one that was impossible to work with so I just changed to a different one. I had a look at a whole lot of Blogger blogs online until I found one that I not only liked the look of, but that seemed to be easy to do what you wanted to do with. I love the template I use now and it allowed me to have a great background.

  2. I am a sloppy writer! I have to use the spell heckler, plus make numerous corrections to what I write. Then I add links sometimes. When all is said and done it looks great on the editor.

    Then when I preview before posting, it's a total mess with the formatting all messed up. Then I have to labor a long long time to try to coax the mysterious editor into formatting neatly again. Typically this involves a great deal of copy and paste back and forth with notepad, until blogger is happy. Then I have to redo the links and pics. It's like doing all my work two or three times. It is extremely frustrating.

    It's something to do with blogger editor. It might be my template, but it doesn't seem to control anything about their editor. I have switched templates several times.

  3. PS, Your blog does look nice! It's too wide for my little old laptop, but very beautiful!


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