Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remember The Undies

Many readers here help me out with their comments. Recently Sandy commented on Formatting Terrors "maybe it's the template you are using".  

So I made some changes to the template and by golly, most of my formatting terrors have gone away.

Simply amazing!  Perhaps now I can get my post out more often without losing near as much hair over them. Now I can just torture you with my grammatical terrors!
This hibiscus greeted me at work today. 

I am up again at 4am to do my workamping shift that starts at 5am.  Today I work 8 hours, tomorrow I work 16 hours, then it seems the next day I am so tired and worthless that nothing gets done at all. But I will be able to utilize the new sofa bed. Well it's not new, but the jumbo pillows I made to use the bed as a sofa when I want to lounge around in an upright position. If I configure the pillows just so, I can make a recliner type chair in my bed for reading or doodling or noodling. 

I used to train myself to wake up without an alarm, but then they changed the time (I so hate daylight savings time changes!) Somehow my body clock is out of whack. I dislike alarms, but was waking up ten times a night wondering if it was 4am. Now I just set the hated alarm, then when I wake up throughout the night, I don't even look at the clock, I try to go right back to sleep telling myself: "Self! Go back to sleep and wait for the ding dang alarm to tell you when it's 4am!"

It takes me 40 minutes to wake up with coffee and toothpicks, 10 minutes to get ready, 2 minutes to walk to work and 8 minutes to fumble with the teeny tiny numbers on the combination lock to open the shack for workamping.  So that is why I need to get up a full hour before work. The toothpicks are used to prop my eyes open while I figure out how to make coffee. 
The hunters report alligators
in the swamps, but I
have not seen one yet. 

It was 62F this morning, so I am only wearing two pair of pants and two shirts. I skipped my boots and wore my men's Dearfoam clogs that are lined in faux shearling. The men's come with nice thick rubber soles where as some of the women's come with thin soles. I shopped from the men's department because I have wide feet and I needed the thicker soles. Of course mine were bought deeply discounted, so they are probably last year's style. 

Not sure who declared that women's shoes should have thinner soles. Maybe the powers to be figure women buy more shoes than men anyhow, so why waste thick soles on them. I have no idea. Dearfoams are just super comfy, well lined and padded. They can even go in the wash for cleaning. 

Harley does yoga!  
I am not used to wearing two pair of pants to stay warm. I was also wearing undies. It was early, the coffee was working overtime, so I ran for the restroom.  I forgot I had on two pairs of pants. So I pulled down what I thought was pants and undies, but it was only the 2 pairs of pants, so I peed in my underwear.  Boy was I ever mad about that. Good thing I only live 100 feet away, I was able to go clean up and change out my clothes. Do I have to pin a note on myself when I wear double pants  "Remember the undies too?"  

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  1. The only part of the that work scenario that I like is the two minute walk to work:)

  2. You are just to funny. I would hate to have to wear 2 pair of pants and then have to worry about how many I had to pull down. LOL At least your close to home.
    Hope the rest of your day was better.

  3. I want one. I want one. I have an embroider machine that I have to take apart if I want to sew a regular item. I'm off to Big Lots!

  4. Oops. I think I posted to the wrong blog. I want that little sewing machine!

  5. My fiercest enemy is the alarm clock. I hear it ring and yet I ignore it and go on sleeping. I like to sleep and that puts me in trouble.

    I like the humor in your post.


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