Monday, December 05, 2011

Melbourne Florida

It's been great fun enjoying Melbourne, Florida on the space coast. The Wickham Park campground is beautiful with shady tropical plants and pine trees. Surrounding the campground is the 400 acre park for day trippers including a wonderful dog park.

At night the park comes alive with a stunning Christmas light fest. It seems to have inspired many of the campers, who are sporting a multitude of colored and Christmas lights with assorted snow men, lit trees, candy canes, awning lights, walkway lights and so on. 

We had to relocate once in the campground, as my plans were chaotic, what with the appointments to keep, doggy to fix, some repair part shopping and so on, I had to extend our stay, so we were able to visit both section A and B of the park. A winter snowbird had reserved my spot for the rest of winter, so I had to shuffle along. 

Harley continues to recuperate.  He had to take puppy pain pills for a few days. These were offered to him in the form of his favorite treat, a hot dog with cheese. I stuffed the tiny pain pill inside a small piece of the hot dog, then hand fed him to make sure he swallowed it. This worked rather well. 
The first location at lot 25 in Wickham Park was large, shady and lovely. The weather has been perfect for having all the windows open with no heat or air conditioning. That is my favorite way to live!  Open air, all the way. 
Coming soon...

My recipe for lemon herbed turkey. 

Harley of course wants to be where ever we are, be it outside or inside. Here he recuperates in his outdoor camping chair.  The winds were rather brisk, so he snuggled under his little blankie. 

I often buy budget priced items and re-purpose them. It's my belief that manufacturers just don't think outside the box, rarely advertising their product's purposes to their full advantage. Odd observation in a  society where marketing often reaches a  maniacal pitch and fervor.  In this case, Harley's treasured blankie was being sold for $1 as a car wash towel. I have never used it to wash a car. Matter of fact, I don't even own a car. But the little towel was super soft plus just the perfect size for little Harley. 

Generally he lays upon it on his favorite perch on top of the driver seat's headrest.  He doesn't do this while I am driving, but rather while parked, as it commands him a lofty view of things going on outside and inside. But when he needs comforting, such as now, he loves to have his blanket swaddled around him. 

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  1. Little Harley is a lucky boy to have you in his life! He'll be all better before he knows it...then he'll have to find some other excuse for excessive blanket time

  2. Sorry Harley is having so much trouble. I couldn't keep Fred quiet the next say for nothing. No pain pills were ever given or offered by the vet. I think Harley is milking it to make you feel bad. :)

  3. Another example of where the expression " a dog's life" comes from:)


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