Sunday, December 04, 2011

Yes, I Admit I Am Lazy

If you ask a lazy person to do a difficult job, they typically find an easier way to do it. 

Like many RV-ers, my Dometic 2-way (propane or electric option) refrigerator needs defrosting.  I found out that only the freezer area needs defrosting, the refrigerated items can stay stored inside the bottom door while the freezer defrosts. Since my visiting friend arrived with a small cooler and my freezer was overdue for defrosting, I decided to empty the freezer into their cooler, then defrost it. 

This has always been a dreaded messy lengthy chore, but a necessary one, if I am to enjoy the thrill of mechanical refrigeration. I am really enthusiastic over having 24 hour refrigeration.  After having spent decades on small boats at sea where there was either no refrigeration or it was random, I truly appreciate the modern miracle of having cold foods stored safely. 

This time I decided to try a new radical method for defrosting the freezer. First I had bought a $1 Shammy Wow! towel that is supposed to absorb lots of water. Second, someone had gave me a curious little 200 watt ceramic heater. Most ceramic heaters are 1500 watt with an optional lower setter of somewhere between 600 and 800 watts. So what good is a 200 watt heater?  Well this tiny marvel is only 4x4x6 inches with a long heavy duty cord. It is perfect for parking by your feet to keep them toasty warm without risk of burning up. 

For medical reasons, it is super important I never let my extremities get cold. This marvelous heater can be parked anywhere near me for immediate heat. At only 200 watts, it typically won't trip any breakers at all. Matter of fact, after reading up on this deiminutive ceramic heater, I found out that it was originally designed for those that work in cubicles.  Apparently too many folks were lugging 1500 watt ceramic heaters to their cubicle office, to warm up their feet or body or both. This was tripping the buildings' breakers, sending computers and other equipment into chaos. Some ingenious soul invented this super safe heater for those cold footed cubicle workers. After owning mine for awhile, I think it is an incredible invention. 

If you are looking for a fantastic unique Christmas gift, this Lasko personal 200 watt heater may fill the bill. 

It is also great for heating up my small RV bathroom. (I so hate sitting on a c-c-c-cold toilet seat at 4am in the winter).  

I also discovered it is a fantastic appliance for defrosting my freezer. In the picture above, I have wrapped a bungee cord around the little heater, then attached a carabiner to the bungee cord so it can dangle from the cabinet handle above the freezer. The heater pumped out enough heat to defrost my freezer in record time while the Shammy Wow! towel soaked up the dripping water, preventing it from making a mess. 

Yes, I know electricity and water do not mix, but in this case, the heater is dangling in such a way, that should it fall, it will crash to the floor, and not in the dripping water in the freezer. Luckily it defrosted the freezer in near record time, so I was able to unplug the heater, remove it, then use the Shammy Wow! to dry out the freezer, then restart the refrigerator unit.

From start to finish, defrosting my ice encrusted freezer took about 30 minutes or less. 

Meanwhile, little Harley returned from the vet. He was very angry with me, growling and snapping. I had to tearfully hand him over to my visiting friend for comforting while he glared at me as if I was the devil himself.  
Harley is recuperating from neutering. He has required a lot of consolation,  pain pills, breakfast in bed, paw holding, cuddling and comforting. After 24 hours, he seems to have forgiven me, now allowing me minimal attention while continuing to shower love on my visiting friend.  

He actually cuddled in my arms when we went for a stroll. He seemed to enjoy being outdoors, even though he was too weak to walk. I did put him down near some bushes, so he could water them on his wobbly legs. Then I gently scooped him back up in my arms, swaddling him in his treasured little blanket. 

On another note...

The vultures are camped out in the trees on the Florida prairie waiting for the next kill.  It was a bit unnerving to watch this wake hanging around for hours. There were hundreds of them seemingly having a convention while waiting to be served up carrion.

Changing tack entirely...  

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