Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Came last Night

I hope Santa Claus thought you were nice but not naughty,  and brought you lots of goodies!

Well Christmas arrived, right on schedule!  It's the best I have ever had!  I feel like a little  kid and it's only 7am.  I so want to boast, like an excited child, of the wonderful treats that came my way this Christmas. It was a big surprise all around, as I wasn't expecting any gifts at all but two boxes arrived, which I have refused to open until Christmas day. WOW  I am so super lucky!  Thank you thank you!  Some fans and friends, also sent me cash and gift cards, another super surprise. WOW!  

I am hoping the wonderful summery weather holds out for today as I am feeding the other workampers under my outdoor gazebo at 2:30pm. Another workamper is cooking half and I am doing half.  Since we both cook too much, there will be a mountain of food. This morning we have fog and coolish temps around 68F.  The dew is so heavy here, fog is rolling around the prairie, giving it an eerie look. 

My outdoor gazebo.
I need to clean it up for Christmas dinner. Normally I use a card table, but here I have a borrowed banquet table. I use it for dining, entertaining, sewing, repair projects, relaxing and detangling the  dog tether. The gazebo has 6 legs plus table legs, chairs legs and so on, just plenty for little Harley to make loops around with his tether. He starts out with about a 40 foot tether, eventually he is so tangled, he is down to about 3-5 feet. Sometimes he actually makes granny knots.  I must teach him macrame since knots so fascinate him. My wheel estate is parked to the right. I find it's nicer to put the gazebo a few feet away from the RV. 

Since I have no car, it makes it easier for me to go grocery shopping in the RV, by being able to leave my outdoor accouterments under cover. The electric cord is strung up off the ground at human eye level, so that a certain little doggy, doesn't tangle with that. His fur is already so wild looking, can you imagine if he was zapped with 110 volts too?  I splurged on white Christmas lights for year round use, which are strung around the inside of the gazebo canopy, making it really nice for the evenings. The electric cord runs across the inside of the gazebo roof, then drops down to the middle of the table. This way I can plug in the little sewing machine or the computer and puppy dog can't tie knots around the electric cord. 

Harley occasionally has wild dreams. While he is sleeping he suddenly lets out a loud howl, without ever waking up. First I am startled, then I laugh. This morning he woke up in a chihuahua mood (yap, yap, yap!)  He peeked out the window, spying the rabbit that takes a short cut through our camping spot twice a day (yap, yap, yap!) Harley just can't get used to this (yap, yap, yap!) We are working on it though. He is providing me great security (yap, yap, yap!) but when I tell him "It's OK"  I want him to shut up already. I may have to resort to negative training since the positive training isn't working on this matter. The negative training being I will tell him "It's OK" and if he doesn't quiet down, (yap, yap, yap!) then I will SQUIRT him with the water pistol. 

That shuts him up for some reason. *SIGH*


I was laughing to read that others have problems with RV explosion inside: 

The Good Luck Duck said...

When we're anywhere for more than two nights we explode into the Duck like our crap is spring-loaded. It's how we lived in a house, too, so now it's at least contained.

I loved the spring-loaded term. That describes mine entirely. 

The strange this is, when I travel with a friend, everything is so well organized. I guess it's two-fold. Before they arrive, I clean up and put everything away, hidden behind cabinets and closets.  Throughout the day as we pull more stuff out, we try to put other junk back away again. If we don't then there is no room left for us to enjoy. My friend has learned where I hide most of the stuff, so he is able to help stash it away. Still sometimes we put things away so well, we wonder if there is a bottomless hole things disappear to. 

I have a method for cooking in my galley that more or less works when I remember to follow it. Before cooking, I put everything away in the galley, such as emptying out the dish drying rack and storing anything else that won't be used in the next hour. Then I wash up any dirty dishes that might be scattered about so that both my sinks are now empty. Next I begin assembling the recipe and cooking. If I skip the first two steps, I run out of space and room quickly. 

Well, I have to quit writing and go start cooking up the Christmas dinner.  I have 3 hours to get it all done so I better start moving fast. 


  1. Hope all went well, I'm sure it did and you show us what was in your boxes.

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday to Harley! Yes, my RV explodes all the's hard when the space & storage are so limiting.


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