Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho ho ho Ha ha ha

Ho ho ho and  a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, Seasons Greetings and so on. 

Whew, hope I covered most of it. 

Naughty or Nice, Santa Claus claims he was trying to deliver gifts at the nudist colony when he noticed their sign "Clothes Prohibited"

Well, I hope this brings a silly smile to your face!

I guess I am never going to figure out how to deal with much stress. Someone has been going out of their way to heap some unneeded unwanted stress my way. I am trying to ignore it all. 

They're not happy until you're not happy...  

Looking around my wheel estate, I wonder why it is in such a wreck, like a hurricane plowed through here depositing stuff at random. I used to be such a wizard with paperwork and forms.  Since getting whacked over the head, paperwork and forms seem to confuse me endlessly. Very strange all around. I think the stress and the projects just made a wreck of things. I was trying to repair a little table in the bedroom. It folds up to the frame, which is set inside the wall to make it flush. So there are tools and hardware laying around. That's just the beginning of the trail of debris that seems to have suddenly covered my motorhome from end to end. 

My brain gets foggy, the cabinets seemingly explode. I get tired very easily lately, something I am not fond of at all. 

So out with the stress and back in with the organization. I think it's the long chaotic work hours that help throw my RV into disarray. Being alone too, means I do 100% of the work around here. It's always something to fix. I get tired of fixing things. I really do. But I just have to make do, to make ends more or less meet. There are several things in need of repair, that are on a wait list, as I can't seem to do the work, or I need more research into the matter to figure out what I am doing. 

When I returned from my overnight  trip last week, my sewer hose separated in the middle, right when I hooked it up. Fortunately no sewer was running through it at the time. But I was tired and let the project slide, using the holding tanks. But then I forgot and started a load of laundry a few days later. 

Now I had to go fix the sewer hose, or the little washer would surely overflow the holding tanks. Yuck. I fixed it. I would have rather dropped a plumbers wrench on my foot than to repair a sewer hose. Fortunately I had all the right parts on hand, to repair it adequately. What fun. 

Now my outdoor director's chair ripped in the back. I need to sew up a new back, the old one is shot. It would be nice if I did that sooner rather than later. Two of my other outdoor camping chairs are on their last legs. They have lasted two years of outdoor use. They of course were bargain basement chairs at $12 each. They've held me and lots of friends, I guess we just wore them right out, they are in tatters too. 

Tomorrow I invited all the workampers (we are up to six people now) over for Christmas dinner at 2:30pm at my little outdoor gazebo. Another workamper is doing half the cooking plus I'm cooking, so we will have tons of food. Two are vague about coming over, but the other four are coming for sure. Last week I found some great bargains at the store, so I am pleased to cook and feed. I will plan on extras in case anyone else drops by, though being out here in the boonies, not likely to see many folks, but you never know. Luckily, it's easy to borrow chairs around here, so there will be plenty of safe seating even if I don't get my  chair-back sewed up. 

Harley will be celebrating his birthday too, though he already received his gifts yesterday. He had me and the others laughing hysterically. The UPS truck drove up to the hunters shack. I was trying to leash up Harley. Some how, much to my horror, he escaped from the wheel estate, running wildly for the UPS truck roaring down the road. I was sure he would be a flat puppy!  How did he know that UPS was delivering his gifts?  Makes you wonder...

I was speed walking after him, calling him. He was ignoring me, which infuriates me.  The UPS truck stopped, handed out the packages, then I asked him to wait while I scooped up one very naughty puppy dog who has no road sense at all. 

Finally I got him back on his leash. I opened the box at the hunters station. It had 2 gifts for Harley, one for his birthday, the other for Christmas. One was a little ultra suede coat with faux shearling, the other a bungee cord for Harley's tether.  He loves bungee jumping, but he wore out and broke  his old bungee cord a while back. He needed one with carabiners at both ends, to attach to his string. 

When he saw the coat come out of the box, he began dancing on two legs with his tail wagging furiously.  I and the other workampers were laughing at his apparent enthusiasm over the coat.  As I held it closer, he gave it a good sniffing while wagging his tail so fast, his entire rear end was wiggling around.  I put his coat on, it fit him perfectly!  He pranced around like he was the star of the runway. 

Laughter is the best medicine!

That night, he curled up asleep in his bed after a long walk.  He wouldn't let me take his coat off, so I let him sleep in it. So funny!  This morning it was summery temps here in the late 70's by 10am, so I had to remove his coat. He seemed very reluctant to give it up.

Silly dog. 

I will have to get a picture of Harley in his new coat. This is a picture of the coat, but it's the doggy model, not Harley in the picture.  I can't imagine getting Harley to sit still long enough for a non-blurry furry picture, but I will try. 

Last winter in Florida we had lots of very c-c-cold days, so I am sure Harley will get to use his coat plenty in the future. 

Pet Suede Shearling Coat


  1. OH silly Harley, I can even imagine him dancing for his new coat! I bought a similiar coat for my friend's little dog, she's so cute in it. but she doesn't quite dance for it...Merry Christmas!
    My RV is a mess right now too. I'm just trying not to look around. It's easier that way ;-)

  2. So stylish!

    When we're anywhere for more than two nights we explode into the Duck like our crap is spring-loaded. It's how we lived in a house, too, so now it's at least contained.

  3. Harley sounds like lots of laughs. After Fred went to bed I put his stockings out. Yes stockings spoiled guy. Can't wait to see his reaction.
    Merry Christmas to you and Harley


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