Thursday, December 08, 2011

Kenansville Florida

C-c-c-cold!  I came to Florida in my wheel estate to workamp for the winter, in hopes of staying warm. This Caribbean gal still gets cold at anything below 70F degrees. 

This morning it feels like it's freezing, what with the winds at 13mph coupled with the 45F degrees on the palmetto prairie.   It was 38F when I woke up at 4am to prepare for my 16 hour workamping shift. 

Little Harley dog is wearing a T-shirt under his camouflaged sweater, which is under his flannel coat. He sure looks fat and warm. He was tutored at the vets last Friday so he can sing soprano in the choir. He is recuperating nicely.  He now weighs a whopping 6.4 pounds. This was a new vet we went to for the tutoring, so she was fussing at me about him being underweight. I had to explain all the things I have done since getting this ragamuffin to try to bring him up to a good healthy weight. He had such a rough start in life. When the little hitchhiker climbed aboard my wheel estate, he was about three pounds of skin and bones with thin limp fur. He had the energy of a sleepy turtle for nearly a week, while I tried to coax him into eating puppy chow. 

He put on weight, but has always been on the slim side.  I feed him a wide variety of wholesome foods, but he walks, runs, races, plays and jumps to conclusions too. 

Now, this is the part where I toot my horn... or should I say... Pause for the cause?

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The closest town to where I am workamping is Kenansville, only 8 miles away.  The First State Bank was built in 1914, but failed during the depression. 

During the 1950s, the building became a grocery store operated by Minor S. Jones, Jr. and his wife, Emily. Jones filled it with 100 stuffed and mounted animal heads, mostly deer. A rumor still persists that Jones made his living more off of poaching than the sale of groceries. After he died, the rest of the family moved away and it is not known what became of the head collection.

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  1. Harley will get there, he's still just an active pup. I wish I had the same weight problem as he does!!! Give him a huggle for me.

  2. We had some cold nights in Texas, too. Down to 32, but it warmed up during the day. I think tonight will be 47.

  3. I usually avoid talking about the weather, but I would gladly trade weather places. Here in the FL panhandle we have had weather the last few days that has hovered around freezing the last few evenings:(


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