Friday, May 04, 2012

Brave Enough To Try

I haven't had much writing time lately, well I constantly scribble down notes on my stories and next novel, stuff you never see here. But life has been busy and I made a BIG mistake for which I am fastideously back-peddling to rectify. When I am down and dumpy, I seek inspiration.  This time it was Dolly Parton. I've shared some of my favorites quotes here with you. 

Dolly Parton
You'll never do a whole lot unless you're brave enough to try. 

Dolly is a rags to riches dream come true. She has a unique way with words, besides writing songs and lyrics.  She also has a fantastic attitude towards life. 

Hippie Chick by DearMissMermaid.Com

I wake up with new dreams every day. So the more I can do to channel that into things that I love to create is healthier for me and probably for everybody around me. And the older I get, the earlier I get up. The second my feet hit the floor, I`m awake. I`m like hurry, hurry. I just love life. And I feel like we ain`t got but a certain amount of time anyway. I want to make the most of all of it. 

Ever since I read that, I too try to wake up with loads of enthusiasm. I may be slow and a bit cranky at first, but I putter around starting the day, sometimes as early as 4am, because I don't want to miss a thing!

Something I wrote last summer in a fit of confusion:

I've had my hands full lately. New hot water parts arrived malfunctioning, phone interuption (it was cut off) 100F degree heat wave, air conditioning flooding the camper with water since it was supposedly repaired, Harley injured, refrigerator handle sprung it's spring, awning ripped.
Good grief. 
Small wonder I became behind on everything it seems, I hardly know where to start, but plugging away I go!  Finally... more or less... somewhat... sigh...

I stmbled across bits of this  unfinsihed post today, a year later, and decided to finish it. I look above and think, well here it is 10 months later. The hot water was finally fixed.  It took me working on it, off and on several weeks. I've had the glorious use of hot water now for months. YAY!  

Dolly Parton:
But to see the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain. 

It's another heat wave in May but not as hot. After much prodding, the air-conditioner repair guy came out and admitted he had made a mistake. He repaired the flooding problem. I was cool as needed, the rest of the heat wave. 

Harley recovered, but he bounces around so hard and fast that sometimes he still gets injured.  It frightens me. He's my buddy.  Like he was running for the ball the other day so fast, it smacked him on his head. He cowered, turning around looking terrified. I had to snatch him up, giving him loads of loving, to let him know it was a boo-boo.  

The Dometic refrigerator handle has been replaced about 4 more times at my expense. This is ridiculous. Their spring is worthless. It's broken again right now. *Sigh*

The awning was more than ripped, it was stretched out, worn, torn, and only 17 years old when I finally mananged to replace it recently. I had sorely missed it for over 9 months, since I love setting up my folding chairs and table outside.  I kept the old battered frame which was rebuilt with junk yard parts two years ago after a small disaster broke it beyond repair. Wow, time flies. It's fun to look back, compare it to now and do a little dreaming about the future. 

Dolly Parton
We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

It's unclear whether Dolly wrote or said this first or not, but it's oh so true. 

For you non-sailors, I offer my humble explanation:  

You can't always sail in a straight direct line to your destination, especially if the winds are coming from the direction you wish to go. This is called going upwind. But sailboats can't go directly into the wind, they have to veer off 30-60 degrees then tack their way to their destination by sailing in a zigzag pattern. Sometimes the winds and seas are so rough, that you can't even get that close to the wind, so you veer further off track or take down some of the sail, so the stronger winds can't slam you around so much. 

I miss sailing on my little old boat, but I do love messing about in this old wheel estate. 

Dolly Parton
I`m not going to limit myself just because people won`t accept the fact that I can do something else.

We can all learn to do a multitude of things. Don't let the naysayers be an excuse to hold you back. 

Hunting Island State Park Beach, South Carolina photo by DearMissMermaid.Com

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

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