Thursday, May 24, 2012

Old Grumpy

This 2012 Renegade motorhome is being advertised as a Class C for only (drum  roll...) $361,515.00

I had no idea they could make a Class C soooooo pricey. It does come with a fireplace and a diesel engine. Incredibly, it only sports a tiny 2 burner stove top with no oven. For that kind of money, I would expect a gourmet galley for sure yet this one just came with a modest one sink. Even my tiny old wheel estate (a 1994 28' Class C) came with 2 sinks and a 3 burner stove with oven and broiler. 

After looking over the interior pictures, I was pretty let down. The interior designer had all their taste in their mouth... It comes with ho hum beige upholstery, brown maple cabinets and a ridiculously bright orange bed spread is the only thing of color inside, despite the jazzy red and white exterior. Even the maple cabinets look a bit cheesy, like the wrong wood was used or the wrong stain for that type of wood. Can't put my finger on it, but for the price, I would have expected the interior to be eye pleasing candy. It includes  3 jumbo TV's, 2 inside and 1 outside, all 32 inch.  I guess that was their main focus. 

Travel to exotic places and watch TV. Oh boy!  

Well, this is not on my wish list. I stumbled into it, looking for something else. 


This wasp sting has been downright aggravating. The after effects are worse than the sting itself. I was hoping by drinking a gallon + of water all day, that the poison would move along faster.  I've just been terribly weak and very sick  for days now.  Nothing much is getting done at all. I feel extremely frustrated.

The motorhome was scheduled to go to the mechanics Wednesday,  but I was too sick to go. The driving doesn't take long, but I have to hang out at their repair facility  all day while they do the work. I have to "move out" for the day with Harley. They do have an indoor waiting room, but there is nothing else in walking distance. Since I will probably be there all day, I need to bag my lunch, pack up the computer and dog stuff.

Last time I was there,  the TV in the waiting room was turned up super loud,  blaring the news nonstop making it difficult for me to think. I don't like TV news at all. I don't trust it one bit, it's designed to make us depressed and scared. What good is that?  Having it "force fed" just made me feel trapped and anxious. I kept going outside with Harley, but it was an oh so hot and humid day. (This was last fall when I was at this repair place.)

One of the employees suggested I could let Harley off his leash, since we were indoors. Ha ha ha. Were they ever sorry. Harley followed her around meeting and greeting everyone along the way. He wanted to tour everyone's office and flirt outrageously. I had to leash Harley back up again, as absolutely no one was getting any work done at all but he did fill the building with laughter. I ended up playing with him and walking him, though their parking lot is hot enough to grill on, there is a small field surrounding it and some limited landscaping but no shade or trees around.

Back inside, the waiting room emptied out briefly, so I ran over to turn the TV volume very low, then I turned it off.  The next person to turn it back on, was kind enough to leave it set on the low volume. The next problem being that Harley is accustomed to sitting on furniture in the wheel estate and in chairs on the patio when camping. So he naturally sat on the furniture in their waiting room. I kept trying to get him to lay in the floor. I had brought his puppy blanket to lay on the floor but he wasn't interested and kept sitting in a chair next to me. Finally I lifted him out of his seat, spread his clean blanket out on the seat, then sat him back down.

He then ruffled it up into a ball, laid on that, then drifted off to sleep, half on the blanket, half on the chair. 

I feel a little silly, moving out of the wheel estate with doggy, blanket, dog bowl, bag lunch, water glass, computer, cords, plugs, phone. Most people waiting around just stare at the TV but they aren't there all day, they just seemed to be waiting for an oil change. I'm just not a TV person unless I am sick. Then it's the idiot box to keep me company because I am too sick to complain about it.

Anyhow, I never made it in there today to see about repairs. I am not sure I can afford the repairs, but I do need to see what's going on with my transmission that spit out fluid in the middle of nowhere two weeks ago.  I just didn't feel like hanging around their waiting room all day, feeling so sickly.

So, Harley dog and I kept going back to bed, resting up. Every joint in my body aches.  I need to stick really close to the restroom. All this from a wasp sting?  YUCK!

The wildflowers I planted around the place where I workamp have little green half inch shoots growing. That is exciting, at least for me. I smile at them, willing them to grow more. I can't wait to see the beautiful colors.

I did mange to take Harley on a few very short walks. I feel like I am cheating him. He really annoyed me by throwing his tennis balls down the hill then crying hysterically. Dogs have a one track mind. Trying to change his focus to something else isn't working. Maybe I am just grumpy from all the pain and exhaustion. Walking up and down hills fetching tennis balls for a naughty puppy just wasn't making me happy at this point.

I so wish he could understand about "down hill" and stop throwing his tennis balls down it. Oh man, I do sound grumpy don't I?

The other annoying problem, besides running back and forth to the bathroom,  is I keep getting c-c-c-cold. I even tried to build a fire outside this afternoon in spite of the 74F temperature. Soon as I got a roaring fire going, the rains came and reduced it to smoke only. Now it's 4am and my indoor thermometer says 72F and the outdoor one says 63F and I am c-c-c-cold.   Of course it's 4am and I have been up since 230am.

Maybe I will go lay under the covers and try to warm up again. 


  1. So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Sure hope you feel better soon:) A spitting transmission does not sound all that good:( Could be only a leaky seal:)


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