Friday, May 11, 2012


Kiss Me!

Harley and I are settling in.  Everything is a big mess but we will sort it all out. Well, I will sort it all out, while a certain little puppy dog drags his tether around creating havoc. 

Aw shucks, the internet just crapped out. Well, that's life, something always going wrong somewhere. No telling when this will get posted. 

We have moved outdoors and it feels great!  But the night time temperatures have suddenly dropped to the late 40's at night.In May!  In the south!

I have had to heat up the bed with the mattress warmer and run the heat at night. I dragged out my bluejeans to press into use. I haven't owned bluejeans in over 25 years.  Towards the end of winter I found some on super sale that fit me. This was amazing, as usualy long pants require me to hem them up substantially. It feels good to have jeans again. Especially in this cold snap!

There was just no need for them in the Caribbean where I wore sarongs and sun dresses or work shorts when I was working at sea.  If it was too cold for shorts, then I put on foul weather gear. It was so nice to just have a wardrobe for two seasons. Hot and warm!

Now I've had to amass a small wardrobe for cold and super freezing cold. I honestly don't know how the northerners do it. I don't think I could stand the freezing cold for very long. 

Small wonder that Florida swells up into a traffic nightmare in the winters. 

This workamping came with a huge level patio about 40 by 30 feet. I am able to park my wheel estate on it, with nice walk around room on three sides. The fourth side of course opens to the large patio that came with a fire pit and a table height grill built-in. 

Tonight I built a fire since I arrived with fire wood strapped to my cargo carrier. It was leftover from camping at other parks. So I threw together a fire which Harley and I enjoyed while I tried to more or less work. 

He managed to toss his golf ball down the hill in the dark. Then he pitched a fit, wanting to drag me out to go look for his toy in the dark. I finally distracted him with treats. *sigh*

Then we went to bed.  The fire appeared to be naturally dying out. 

Ha!  It went from dying down to creating a mountain of smoke. *COUGH* COUGH* COUGH*  So now puppy dog and I are outside with a flashlight, poking around in the dark, dragging the water hose over to finally put the fire out. 

Well it was fun while it lasted!  Smokey the bear would be proud of us, we drowned our lovely fire so we could sleep smokeless. 

Here we are at "B" in Gumlog, Georgia. Gumlog is famous for moonshine mills.   *Hiccup* Several are on display around here. *Hiccup*

A closeup of us at "B" on Lake Hartwell. You can see how and why the lake has a 1,000 mile shoreline. I used to sail back in the 80's in the southern part, where it's called  the Big Water. 

Notice the dark greenery surrounding the lake shores?  That's because the US Army Corps of Engineers has strict regulations in place to protect the trees. 

On Lake Hartwell are:
Federal Campgrounds
Georgia State Park  Campgrounds
South Carolina State Park Campgrounds

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  1. Sounds like last fire you and I had together between burts of rain....haha!:) Good for you for telling them what they could do with their workkamping. Hope to be able to drop in and see you and monkey soon. Save some wood for the occassion!



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