Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Reckless Wreck

The spell heckler and I go round and round each day. If it weren't for computers I wouldn't be able to write in an intelligible manner at all. Even my spell heckler is often mystified, just as I am by my English and grammar terrors.

If I feel like a wreck, then it's spelled with a W but if the captain sailed  recklessly, then forget the W.

River Bend on the South Saluda River in Greenville County South Carolina by DearMissMermaid.Com

I spent a lazy day camping here recently. Many summers in my younger days were spent in, around, up and down the South Saluda River.
The Saluda River is formed about 10 mi (15 km) northwest of the city of Greenville, South Carolina on the common boundary of Greenville and Pickens Counties, by the confluence of its north and south forks, each of which rises in the Blue Ridge Mountains very near the border of North Carolina:

The North Saluda River flows generally south-southwestwardly through northern Greenville County, past Marietta.The South Saluda River flows generally southeastwardly on the Greenville-Pickens County border, receiving the Oolenoy River and the Middle Saluda River, which rises in Jones Gap State Park and flows generally southward through northwestern Greenville County. Shown above is Greenville County on the left of the picture and Pickens County on the right. 

Thought, bought, fought and brought all rhyme, but enough, rough, tough, and slough, though spelled similar rhyme with each other but not with the original thought, bought, fought and brought.

Cough is spelled like those 8 words, but doesn't ryhme with any of them and neither does through or bough.

I knew the new gnu.  I've seen that scene.

I'll sit by the aisle while flying to the isle.

Did someone err, it's up in the air whether I'm the  heir.

Then they're  those poeole who think their mind is all here, but I hear they're not all there.

It's a real feat that I can dance with these feet.

I wasn't sure if I won one knot or not.

Rough, tough and enough all end with the same stuff.

Since you have a sense for scents, tell me if this smelly stuff is worth ten cents.

In my crazy little world, I see a reflection of a Mermaid with long hair in this river. 

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  1. Beautiful river. Would love to fish it sometime :) I find that I spend more time looking up words that never used to look misspelled cuz they just don't look right.



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