Sunday, May 06, 2012

Off The Map Off The Grid

If you are reading this, then modern  technology sometimes works for me too. Now isn't that rare?

I've gone off my rocker and it feels great!

Living off the grid in an RV by http://DearMissMermaid.Com

I have driven off the grid, off the map to go commune with nature. No umbilical cords, just my little old wheel estate, surviving on her own. My internet and phone do not work where I am now. I am not plugged in to any utilities at all. So how am I sending this to you?  By FM?

FM is an old joke...  and it means Effing Magic, you can fill in the blanks for Effing...

Anyhow, I wrote this column in advance, then scheduled it to come out automatically at a chosen time in the future unless I edit it before the appointed time. 

I am taking my GPS with me, I guess it will work just fine in the boonies. Maybe not. Time will tell, as I wrote this yesterday but you are reading it today. How cool is that?  I have a compass and a puppy dog, so who cares if the GPS works or not. 

I haven't boondocked much since I made a few upgrades to my wheel estate to enable living off the grid a bit more comfy for my chosen lifestyle. So this will be a good test. 

The biggest drawback with my current setup is that the house battery which is a special deep cycle battery designed for running 12 volt gadgets, is very small.  Most rigs have much bigger battery banks than mine, so they can do more between charges. 

A deep cycle battery can be dragged down to almost dead before needing a recharge. A starter battery for your engine is only designed for a burst of energy to turn the engine over, which then recharges it with the aid of the alternator. It can not be dragged down to dead more than once or twice, or you will be buying a new starter battery in short order. Deep cycle batteries which are different from starter batteries, are often referred to as the house battery in an RV or boat. Deep cycle batteries come in all sorts of sizes, some giving you oodles of power, others only the minimal. Mine is a minimalist. 

And that concludes today's battery lesson.

Well, I am off and running, well waddling...  I don't plan on needing much use of any of my 12 volt gadgets, as I plan to be communing with nature as you read this now. Rejuvenating my battered  soul.  I'm not running away, I am just running to a better place for me and my spirit. 

I recently made a BIG mistake, which I will share the juicy details with you soon. This is a good time to go seek the spirits in nature for consolation. 

Sometimes my soul just needs to step outside the box, off the grid and away from modern life, back to a more or less simpler time, where nature is the focus and technological gadgets take a darkened back seat. 

Of the grid in an RV by http://DearMissMermaid.Com


  1. i do the same thing fact a lot in the past year.

    Being alone in the woods is good for the soul sometimes...


  2. I only have one house battery. My rig is small, but I have to charge my battery up twice a day when boondocking. That requires me firing up the genny of course. My old converter did some damages to my current battery, so it just keeps hanging on. Hopefully for longer...

    Yes, nature is food for the soul! I miss it.


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