Monday, May 07, 2012

Without A Plan

I recently  recieved this text message: 

Your pin number... keep it safe and enjoy living without  a plan. 

It was from a customer service rep, whom I had told not to send me a text, but he didn't listen to me  or he didn't understand me or both because a few minutes later, his text arrived. Through some miracle, I figured out how to read it, but I am clueless how to reply to it. This one though, required no reply. At least I think not. 

You see,  I was dealing with customer service over a problem with my vanishing money. You know the type... you pay for a certain service or item, but never receive the item or service. Then when you call about it, heaven help you. 

The customer service representative was  located in some unknown place where the rep had just learned English last month. 

Eventually we more or less agreed that the problem would be solved in a day or two or so. It was the most I could hope for. The torture of dealing with someone that I couldn't understand was bad enough, but apparently he didn't understand much of what I said either. Finally he announced he was sending me a text message. I told him I preferred an email. Oh well. Guess he misunderstood that too. 

I am old school, I hate text messages, because I can't reply to them.  I can call or email, but I can't text. I get too frustrated. But still I get text messages, like it or lump it, then I deal with it by replying with a phone call or an email. 

I roared with laughter when I received his text message. 

Your pin number is 68249643987128645 keep it safe and enjoy living without  a plan. 

Something was lost in the transaction as I can't believe the company meant for their customer service rep to tell me "Enjoy living without a plan..."  

I have no idea what he meant to say or thought he said. Maybe he was psyhic    and decided I was living like a gypsy without a plan. Or maybe he meant to say "Enjoy living without pain."  Is that the same as "Have a nice day?" 

Harley waits for the rain to pass, picture byhttp://
Enjoy living without a plan.


  1. I called Verizon and told them to make it impossible for my cell phone to receive a text message. They did this for me. If you don't have Verizon, try it anyway with your supplier. It may work for you.

  2. Hmmm, living without a plan aye? Otay.

  3. Hi, i got the same message on my phone too, it sounds a bit rude , i don't know what they meen.Did you ever find out why they said this in the text?

  4. Youre not on a contract, thus, "without a plan" its just a silly pun.

  5. A plan and a contract are interchangeable?

    A contract out to kill me or a plan to live tomorrow?

    I am on a plan with the phone company, all the more reason his text didn't make sense to me.


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