Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Super Moon Me

The super full moon the other  night was incredible. I stared at it with unabashed awe. 

But oh dear me. 

Jumbys got me!  

My wheel estate is suddenly sickly and I don't feel so hot either.  Bad timing all around. 

The refrigerator develpoed a serious fever and is running way too hot. 

The transmission has sudden bad incontinence, peeing fluids  without notice, but it is also constipated (has no movements...)

The generator had a stroke. It's alive but nothing works. 

That Super Full Moon turned my puppy dog into a Wolf Man.  

Wolf man by http://DearMissMermaid.Com

My shoes went for a walk without me and haven't been seen since. I thought I was doing so well in my daily life, to keep up with such mundane things as shoes on my feet. Did I just walk right out of them and continue onwards barefoot without a clue?  I have no idea!

Then again...  recently when I hosted a weekend camping party at Hunting Island Beach in South Carolina, I noticed at the end of the second day that my shorts were on inside out. I felt really foolish. No one had said a word about it. Were they being polite or did  nobody even notice?  Or... even worse, they figured since I was crazy, having my shorts on inside out all day long was par for the course and not worth commenting on. Either way, when I took them off at night to change into my sleepy-time shirt dress, I was appalled. 

Other than that, all is good!  Well, sort of. Someone that I thought for sure, liked me a lot, suddenly  pounced on me for being TOO HAPPY. It was a classic case of "We're not happy until you're not happy".

Dang, that hurt!  What's even worse, they kept pounding away at me, until OOPS!  I wasn't happy. Daggum it!  How did THAT happen?  Well, now, they were HAPPY because I wasn't happy. 

Good grief. 

Why not just leave me alone in my blissful clueless happiness?  What was wrong with that?  I already had my arms full of madness and emergencies, but I was HAPPY about it, dealing with it. 

Some days you're the dog, and some days you're the dog poop.

Sure I know I have lots of things to be unhappy about, but I don't think that way. I want to be happy and plow through the mess with a smile on my face. 

What's wrong with being happy?  Stuff breaks, life happens. 

Blame it on the jumbys!  

So what's a jumby?  Well in Caribbean folklore, jumbys or jumbies or jumbees are  devilish spirits or ghosts or minor demons.  They sneak up on you and create havoc sometimes. 

The Wolf Man and I are going for a walk in the rain. Barefoot. Maybe this will clear my head and I can figure out what to fix next. 


  1. I, for one, LOVE your positive outlook on life and all of its twists and turns. Life's too short to be unhappy. It's especially too short to choose to be unhappy.
    You keep on keeping on, Dear Miss Mermaid. Rid yourself of the Negative Nellies surrounding you. What good are they anyway? None!!

  2. Just happened to stumble on to your site while trying to find out about the BVI weather next week when I arrive for 2 glorious weeks of BVI relaxation (and pain killers):) Love your writing, it's so fresh and so real. Thoughts in your head simply put on paper - if only we could all speak that way without having to filter everything. KISS (keep it simple stupid).

    Sunny regards

  3. Awwww, thanks for the fabulous comments!

  4. Well, I'm not there but I'll throw a few hints out about what may be


    - check the thermostat inside on the slide up and down grill in the

    back. Summers comming and usually you have to adjust it up a bit. Up

    is cold, down is warmer.
    - pull your outside fridge vent anyway and look for yellow powder. If

    you see any, your ammonia tank is leaking.

    - look again and see if your 30 amp umbilical is plugged into the

    coach outlet (inside the small compartment you stuff the cord into).
    Make sure the genny is off when you do this. If it's plugged in, but

    the genny starts and runs ok, you may have a tripped breaker, this

    can happen if you start or turn off the genny with something big

    (like the AC) turned on. If your genny starts and runs for 5 seconds

    and then stops, it's a totally different issue,,,,usually with the


    - check the fluid with the engine running. Your automatic tranny is

    probably is a Ford C6 tranny, which is a workhorse. If you have a bad

    seal, it can be fixed pretty easily. DO NOT GET A TRANSMISSION
    FLUSH. Kiss of death for your frictions and steels in it.

    I also fulltime in a class c, and with a rig made in the 90's I

    totally understand about everyday its something.

    About the help from here. But i myself wouldn't put up with

    that kind of emotional high maint. But that's just me. We all have

    needs, but shit, don't make my life suck just because at the moment

    yours does.


  5. "About the help from here. But i myself wouldn't put up with that kind of emotional high maint. But that's just me. We all have needs, but shit, don't make my life suck just because at the moment yours does."

    That may have came out wrong. What i meant was for you to not let him drag you down. He should appreciate your up-beat attitude towards life.
    OK, I'll shut up now.


  6. A number of years ago (number to remain anonymous) I found myself living in a stolen car on a small island in Alaska (long story). I was hungry, cold, depressed and worried about how I would get out of the situation (and how I got into it in the first place). One night we parked the car at the end of a road and camped there. In the morning I got out of the car and could see the scenery (we parked in total pitch blackness). It was absolutely stunning. I was in awe and walked around just marvelling at the beauty. Then I turned around and looked at the car and burst out laughing. It became one of those laughing fits that couldn't be cured. I was no longer feeling hopeless but very amused by the absurdity of the situation. As soon as my outlook changed, things improved. (To this day I don't know if they actually got better or if I just wasn't dwelling on the negative side so they seemed better.)
    Since then I just try to apply humor to any bad days and think that things could be worse (much worse).
    It's okay to have a bad day but it's a lot more fun to be happy no matter what. When I get down about stuff I usually start to rant and my friends start to laugh at me. It ends up being a laugh fest.
    Now, shake down those raccoons and ask for your shoes back!

  7. Excellent comments and suggestions and you all made me laugh even more!

  8. OOOG, I hate days when stuff happens like that! Blankin' RV things anyhow. My fridge took a crap in 2010. That sucked. I used a plug in coleman ice chest for refridgeration for several months till I could afford a new fridge. A good temporary job helped me out of that situation, fortunately.

    I hope the transmission thing isn't all that bad. I like Dan's suggestions!

    Genny, you probably know about them, but check the oil level. Air filter, all that stuff. I did a post today about changing your genny oil.

    I'm a very optimistic person. My husband was very pessimistic - drove me crazy. (we're seperated now). The friends that I stay with, she's the most pessimistic person I think I've ever met in my life!! I've had to learn to ignore her attitude & her insecure fears. Those are hers, not mine. I do have to endure listening to them. It's especially bad when things go wrong with me, then she wants to dwell on it & make it soooo much blacker. Sometimes it does get to me. I try my best to ignore it all though.
    OK Wolfman, where are Mama's shoes??


Life is goof!