Saturday, May 26, 2012

Round the Camp Fire

I could post pictures of my silly dog all day long. He is such a character at times. He loves to show off when people come to visit. 

puppy dog by Dear Miss Mermaid  at
Other times he like to show his butt off...

A curious old man stopped by.  He tells some tall tales. I'm not sure which ones to believe. Meanwhile Harley was cutting up, dragging out his toys, tossing them around, dancing, trying to engage the man in a game. 

Five or ten minutes later the man is suddenly talking about sex. 

Excuse me?    Did I hear that right?  

I didn't say that out loud, but my brain heard the screeching sound of brakes being slammed on, for sure. 

One minute he is stopping by for lake maps and telling me tall tales, the next he is bringing up sex as if I am the wife of the past 50 years. I picked my jaw up off the ground, honestly the conversation went from RV's to sex in a nanosecond. I told him I had things to do, jumped up and started doing things around the patio.  He took the hint and left. 

Dealing with the public has its moments!

Oddly enough, folks keep asking me if I have a gun. I find that a very strange question and to me, it seems rather intimate. 

Do I just naturally give off that aura of "Come discuss sex and guns with me?"

I must take a long hard look in the mirror. Maybe I am projecting the wrong image. 

Is it the cowboy boots?  

Guns are heavily regulated, so it's a trick question all around. But a strange one, or it seems very odd to me.  

When the last person asked me about my gun ownership, I told them I had enough fire power to take out Goldilocks and the three bears with enough leftover to tackle Big Foot, a few hogs, and some deer. 

Yep, I learned a thing or two last winter working in the hunting preserve. 

That person chose to leave in a hurry. I have not seen them since.  Was it something I said?  Was it my camouflaged shirt?

Something about working at the hunting area last winter, made me attracted to camouflaged clothing. I think I was brainwashed by the parade of hunters I met daily.

After Christmas, several  hunters were sporting new camo gear. I commented on a guy's new jacket and he was really proud of it saying it was the best Christmas gift ever. 

Wasps got inside the motorhome!  I guess they are seeking revenge on me. I've been really down and out since getting stung by that nasty vicious one outside. That wasp really stuck it to me, literally. 

I've been running around the motorhome with my fly swatter, leaving a trail of tiny dead bodies. Yuck yuck yuck!  I have foam wasp killer too that I've used outside. I hate killing things, but that sting really made me grumpy. 

I was visiting friends recently when I noticed they had wasp nests on the side of their house. I whipped out my foaming wasp killer can, annihilating the nests in rapid order. My friend duly impressed said "Well... you really come prepared for anything."

I thought this was a big holiday weekend, I expected the boat launch to be nonstop busy, but only one person has launched their boat so far and it's already past 10am. 

Maybe they're scared of the fruitcake on the hill with all the guns. The one in the camouflaged gear wearing cowboy boots. 

Which, this small town has gossip galore!  Someone else stopped by to see if I had brochures from the hunting area I workamped at last winter. Amazingly, I did and gave them away. Talk about a full service information booth.

Harley and I are going for a short walk. Let's see if I can get my stamina back up and moving along again.

campfire by dear miss mermaid at

It cooled off enough for a camp fire recently. What fun!  I love playing pyromaniac. 

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