Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Gorgeous Day

No pics today, I am having technical difficulties. Update...  I fixed the picture problem, more or less.

dear miss mermaid flowers at lake hartwell

Otherwise it's a beautiful gorgeous day today. I am super happy to be outdoors working again.  I have my laptop set up for writing out here, my puppy dog has dragged his toys out to the patio.

The temperature is perfect, the winds are steady and delightful.  The lake is full, not the sad sorry muddy mess of low levels I left last autumn when I departed.

What a great day to wake up alive!  I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world. 

One month down, four to go at this location. I am a volunteer workamper for five months.  This is my 3rd year at this location on Lake Hartwell at the Georgia and South Carolina border.

dear miss mermaid at lake hartwell

Life is GOOD.  That's my wheel estate parked at the top of the little hill. They put the workamper lot on a hill so we could look over the park, parking lot and lake.  There is a mailbox and a circular driveway that is paved.  You can't really see it in the picture, but I have a beautiful grassy lot to the side for puppy dog play.

Sadly part of my park is closed indefinitely thanks to some snafu with congress. Incredible.  I found this out after I showed up for workamping,  But they still need me, my duties haven't changed much, so here I am, happy as can be. 

I saw a snake the other day. YUCK.  I love nature  and wildlife but I just can't seem to like snakes one bit. I do know they are terribly shy.  I stomp around loudly when I exit the motorhome in the morning, just in case any are around, they know to get out of my way immediately.  In 3 years, this is the first one I have ever seen around here. YUCK.

I can only hope they find somewhere else to live.  I prefer NOT to see one at all. This one that I saw was big, but moving fast. I think my noise was scaring him to shuffle along at top speed. Bye bye snake.  *Shutters*

Harley is trying to settle back into life here. He loves thinking he owns the entire park. We call him the Bark Ranger.  The park rangers that occasionally stop by to check on me are very fond of him. Matter of fact, they are probably coming to see him and not me.

For some fool reason I started organizing my  upper bedroom cabinets. Now I have a huge mess piled up in the club chairs up front. It's just too pretty to be indoors so that project has been interrupted  Meanwhile I am utilizing the clothes line I strung up out back. I am catching up on laundry duties. The gentle winds are drying my things in record time. 

I have a tiny compact washing machine. It is awesome.  I worship that little machine because now that I am on year 3 with it, I realize that it has saved me a bundle of money.  Let's see 80 quarters weigh a pound, so I have saved about forty or fifty pounds in quarters by now. 

Many people wonder how I dry my clothes. I find this comical. I mean I grew up without a dryer. I helped my mother string the clothes out back on the clothes lines year round. If the weather was foul, she had a collapsible clothes drying rack we used indoors. 

The positive thing about line drying is it's good for the environment, going "green" as they say today. The clothes, sheets and towels all last much longer because they aren't getting all beat up in the tumble dryer.  Bet you didn't know this.  

For those that are used to clothes dryers, then it takes some time to get used to line dying, because clothes do not feel warm when they are dry. They feel cold, but they are really dry. 

Sometimes I hang my clothes on clothes hangers, then hang them all about an inch apart in my shower to dry.  I installed an overhead tension pole in the shower for hanging things up. Some campgrounds don't want campers to string up clothes lines, so in that case, I dry my stuff indoors.  The washing machine does small loads, so I hang up wet stuff until I run out of room, then I stop washing. Once they are dry, I can resume washing again.  Usually I don't get behind in laundry, but if I don't stay on top of it, well it will tend to accumulate. 

Well so much for the chit chat, I have to get up and do things.  Can't sit by the computer all day.  It's so beautiful out here today!  I just love being outdoors all day long. Yippie doodle do!


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