Thursday, May 16, 2013


Above: Lake Hartwell when it was low on water in June  2012, the floating docks are at the end of their rope, literally. The owners have moved their floating docks repeatedly to try to keep up with the rapidly draining lake.
Below:  Lake Hartwell on May 15, 2013 which is one quarter inch away from being full pond.  In this picture I am standing further to the left, because where I stood to take the 2012 picture is now underwater. The floating docks have been reigned back in closer to the new shore by their owners.

The lake is full this spring!
The torrential rain storms were well worth it.
Can you identify the critter on the left that sneaked into my photo?

This place is a wreck!  I mean my wheel estate, not the lake. 

It was so cold last night, I  was trying to pull the covers up over me, but they were stuck. Then I realized a certain puppy dog was hogging the covers. I accidentally woke him up while I was tugging at the comforter. He stood up, hit his head on a basket hanging on the wall in the bedroom over the bed.

Well, the basket fell off the wall, bounced on the bed, dumped all of its contents on the floor with a loud crash. The puppy and I stared at each other, then went back to sleep.  This time he commandeered the afghan while I hogged the comforter.

An hour or so later, I woke up with serious cotton mouth. I sleepily slid out of bed *OUCH*  stepping on the junk on the floor which included the wall basket, a bottle of pills, some lip balm, a 12 volt light bulb, a bottle of nail polish, a nail file, a reading light, a small empty box, the remote controls, bobby pins, an RV part, a hair tie, two pens, a pad of paper and a scarf. I guess you could say my wall basket is the junk drawer of the bedroom.

Or was.

I was thirsty, so I just kicked the junk with my foot, then headed for the kitchen. Four steps later (small RV)  I was at the refrigerator. I opened up the door, picked up a quart of iced green tea to pour into an empty glass then OH MY GOSH, I dropped it in the floor.  The lid came off and every last drop spilled before I could pick up the container again.  (I wasn't really awake, so I was moving really slow.)

Flailing around with icy cold tea on my already chilled feet, I found and  threw a bath towel on the mess, trying to mop up the tea.  Amazing how one quart of tea can flood an entire RV.   Oh and did I tell you it also splattered all over two throw rugs?  I settled on a glass of water, then went back to bed, after gingerly stepping over the sodden bath towel and the basket mess in the floor.

Puppy had stolen my feather pillow in my absence, so I took it back, because I can't sleep without it. We gave each other dirty looks and squared off  in separate corners of the bed.

Now I was almost wide awake. I turned on the TV to see what kind of drivel might be on to put me back to sleep. I set the timer to turn the TV off in 20 minutes. Lo and behold, American's Funniest Videos were on TV at 3:45am.  I love a good laugh, so I sat up in bed to watch the funny clips.

Suddenly the TV turned off. My 20 minutes were up and I was still awake. I found the remote to push the on button when OOPSY it flew out of my hands and vanished. I found the flashlight, was crawling around the floor amid all the junk looking for the remote. I never found it.  

Back in my dark bed I tried to meditate on something to the effect of "I am not a klutz, I am not a klutz, I am not a klutz."

This morning, it was rather frightening to wake up and see the mess. It's all starting to come back to me in little bits and pieces. 



  1. So it is true that sometimes it does not pay to get out of bed:)

  2. What a night you had! Hope you find your remote.


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