Friday, May 03, 2013

Patient Updates

It's been a roller coaster ride around here. Between the emergency RV repairs and the urgent dog surgery, the pot at the end of the rainbow has long since dried up. 

But there is food in the cabinet, the toilet works  (YEAH!) and the motorhome isn't about to explode at the gas station.  

All is well and good. 

It was my friend's brithday, so I cooked on the grill for them.  Since we were gone much of the day, we put the rubber band on the slow cooker, to keep curious critters out of the food. 

On the bottom was a seasoned pork tenderloin, surrounded by three sweet potatoes and mini bell peppers in orange, yellow and red.  Coupled with a crunchy salad and steamed broccoli, it made a wonderful birthday meal. 

Homemade on the grill... in an electric crockpot. 

The patient is resting comfortably after his painful ordeal. The antibiotics and pain meds cause him to zone right out much of the day. 

I so miss my playful happy puppy. At the vet's he weighed an astonishing 6 pounds and 13 ounces.  That is up from the 6 pounds 7 ounces he weighed 16 months ago when he was altered. 

Most of it is fur gain. He has a lucky angel that sent him organic dry dog food from Amazon. Ever since he started chowing down on the Newmans Own, his fur grew and fluffed up. 

Both these pictures are horrible.  The vet saved the offending sticklers for me to look at. This was jammed deep down in his ear and puncturing his eardrum. 

Shhhhhh... puppy is sleeping.


  1. At least Harley is now resting well and pain free

  2. Oh, I haven't read in a couple of days, poor little Harley. I am glad he is on the mend. What a scare!


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