Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Stinky Stuff


So what else is new. 

It's dark thirty, middle of the night, I am wide awake, sitting in a truck stop in my RV with my little puppy dog. 

Should I stay or should I go. It's three or more hours back to my campsite at the lake.  Sunrise is in about four hours. I've had two naps since I officially woke up yesterday. 

I guess you are wondering what on earth I am doing out here at this time of night. Or maybe not. I am a tad confused at times. 

Anyhow, train fares are very reasonable. My friend who has been helping me out, needed to go home 700 miles away. A train ticket is $67.  But the particular train station we needed to connect with is 148 miles from my campsite.  The train departed at 1:44 am.

So this morning, well technically, yesterday morning, we left around 9 or 10am on a day long trip to do 148 miles. 

First we drove 40 miles to Porters RV Sales in Williamston, South Carolina. They  have acres of used RV's for sale.  All of them are unlocked, ready for viewing. We picked up the multipage listing that tells prices, years, sizes and so on. Then we helped ourselves to a complimentary golf cart. (Harley dog just loves riding around in golf carts.) 

We left him hitched up to the golf cart while we toured various RV's daydreaming. He could sit in the seat, on the floor or step out onto the muddy grass. After we toured a few RV's we would move the golf cart to the next set of RV's we wanted to ogle, leaving Harley to guard the cart.


Stepping out of a Super C rig that I just drooled over (dream on!) we noticed that Harley had found something positively dreadful to roll around in. 

He stunk to high heaven like he had been dipped, rolled and baked in elephant manure. He was immensely pleased with himself.


Leave him alone for 2 minutes and he gets into trouble. 

Good grief. 

Ever tried to air out a smelly dog?

"Oh come on, I don't stink THAT bad..."
Oh YES you do!  You smell like skunk!


  1. A little Chanel No. 5 there Monkey??!!?? :))))

    The Troutman

  2. Oh Harley! They like steenkey stuff- yuck. I love touring RV's. I want a super C!


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