Thursday, May 09, 2013

Rainbow Beauty

Beauty is where you find it. 

But first you have to look. 

I was fascinated that after days of torrential rains, I saw an incredible rainbow. The funny thing is I was pumping gas at the time.

The picture above is cropped from the picture below. 

After filling the tank, snapping photos and reparking the wheel estate, my friend offered to treat me for dinner at Denny's.  We had already planned to rest up in the RV at the truck stop until our rendezvous with the Columbia, South Carolina Amtrak station at 1:00am. 

Dining out is a huge treat for me. I felt so special. Inside, I bubbled over to anyone that would listen, such as the host that sat us and the waitress that brought the water about the gorgeous rainbow. 

In spite of the huge windows in Denny's, they had both missed it. I felt so sorry for them. 

Beauty is where you find it.

But first you have to look. 


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  1. Next time you are around Columbia, let us know -- we'd be proud to buy you a nice Denny's meal (and a bone for Harley). Maybe we could even help with a repair or two.


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