Sunday, May 19, 2013


Harley dog thanks everyone for all the wonderful get well wishes and  tail swishes. He has a new leash on life after his emergency ear surgery. Boy was he glad to flea the hospital, the staff was ticking him off. It was ruff at first, but he is paws-itively doing quite well.  He enjoyed recuperating while listening to Pooch-ini on his i-pawd. Your get well cards were howl-arious and all the nice mutt-erings made light of his tail of woe.  Just beagle-ad this update is rover. Oh and here is a pawpaw-razzi picture that is less than fetching, of Harley giggling in bed while on pain meds. 

Harley giggling in bed while on pain dear miss mermaid


I wish I could run away with the circus!  They have a position open for a couple or single with an RV.  How I wish it were me and my dawg!


Speaking of painting the interior of your RV:

I found this blog, it's in  German, but you can still  look at all the before and after pictures of their RV besides just the few I've posted.  All rather cutesy!


I am now working on an old new laptop, thanks to a generous angel. Yippie! 

My old offline dictionary that has worked for me since Windows 3.1  (yeah we are talking the dark ages here...)  right up through XP, no longer seems to work now that I am being forced to learn Windows 7. 


I need an offline dictionary and thesaurus for my everyday writing and rambling. Believe me, you only see the tip of the iceberg here for the mountains of notes, chapters, ideas, beginnings and in-progress scribbling. 

So I was dismayed when my trusty old one refused to start up. I  searched for a freebie offline dictionary and thesaurus. I finally found:

WordWeb 6.8 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (desktop)
Free*. No SpyWare. No AdWare. No viruses. Works off-line.

Sounds too good to be true!  But I downloaded it and so far I am super happy!


the end by dear miss mermaid

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