Saturday, May 18, 2013


I was far away when I caught glimpse of this doe.  She stood for her photo, then tossed up her white tail, leaping into the woods. 

After watching some deer run for their life with a coyote on their heals, right outside my RV last fall, I could understand why they say reindeer can fly. To watch deer run for their life, they look like they are indeed flying!

THey were taking these massive leaps into the air, their legs would fold up underneath their belly. They looked to be six to eight feet off the ground.  I expected one to take off into the sky reindeer style any moment. 

I was trying to capture the beauty of spring after all these rains.

Every time I see a fallen feather, I think of the Forrest Gump movie. Throughout the movie, falling feathers appear in various scenes.

My favorite stomping grounds in the South Carolina Lowcountry is where some of the movie was filmed including Beaufort, Hunting Island, Lady's Island, St Helena, Fripp Island and I probably missed a few places.

Bright red mud supports these flowers. Incredible!

Just last fall when I left Lake Hartwell, this bridge and floating dock were both sitting in the mud of the low lake. While it's not at full pond today, it's pretty darn close.

As a child, honeysuckles grew on the playground fence of the school I attended. During the 30 minutes of playtime we were allotted, I remember many of us just standing there sucking the sugary stamen of all the flowers we could reach. If you've never tasted that delicious drop of nectar, then you have truly missed out on one of life's greatest treats.

Harley has a love hate relationship with bridges and water. Sometimes he forgets he has learned how to do this, so I teach him again and again. Other times he happily walks across a bridge without hesitation.

Spring and the frequent rains we've had have brought an abundance of flowers. I so hope the mower doesn't show up anytime soon because he will run them all down.

The old familiar curious markings are still here on various roads.  I've heard that hobos on the road leave secret markings where it's safe or not safe to sleep or camp or where they might find free food or a handout. No idea what this is or what it means.

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